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  1. That is totally true as well. The site there totally changed when it got more commercial. The membership probably tripled and has much less of a family feel now. I have so many new members on a block list it is scary. I also don't like that you can pay to post a bst ad instead of being a contributing member. Leads to lots of scams and shady deals. The feedback system is back now so that is nice and lets you know who is safe to deal with.
  2. Sometimes I want 60 pages of PXG reviews. 54 pages of the new Taylor Made irons discussion. Is it all relevant, probably not, but that is a lot of real life experiences to read through. Half of it may be trash, but I'd rather have 1,000 personal opinions on clubs than the same 10 swooning over every release. I like the ball testing reviews here, but I can go to the ball subsection on wrx and see on course review as well as launch monitor review for 180 pages on just Snell. Just the sheer number of members provide so much more data. You do get a lot of fluff, but it is simple to block members and not see their posts so you can thin the herd to just what you want to see. For me, I check here weekly or monthly and check there daily. I also love trying lots of different clubs so the BST section is 2-3 pages of new clubs a day there which I like.
  3. I just opened almost every main topic here just to see the activity. The top 10 threads within a topic is active within the last week. When you get to the end of the first page, the last activity ranges from mid august to mid November. On wrx, the comparable thread, at the end of the first page, it shows last post was 16 hours ago. To get back to mid November, I had to get 3 pages in and 7 pages in to get to August. I see that those top topics are very active but based on breadth of content, golfwrx is significantly more active. I don't know about total membership numbers and what that has to do with it. To give you an idea, golfwrx has 2,400 people viewing now. Here there is about 380. Given, that doesn't mean one is more relevant than the other, but wrx is definitely more used. Like I said earlier, I dig deeper into reviews and testing here as that is where I find the best info here. To me, they serve 2 very different purposes, but both has their strengths and I appreciate having both!
  4. As a member of both, I see much more activity there, maybe not all positive, but I can read there daily and never make it through all the new discussion. I find a handful of active topics here with the same 25 people contributing. I think golfwrx changed greatly when it got so profit oriented. When you look at the stats, there are always 1500-4,000-members at wrx on at a time so activity shows it is pretty relevant. Not sure of the total membership of each site, but I'm sure there is a lot of overlap. Content is almost exact with more standardized testing going on here. When I want to see product testing and reviews, I come here. When I want to buy clubs, read about pros or get general club opinions, I go there.
  5. Maxfli Tour for me. With coupons, can be found for under $20 per dozen and in multiple online tests and my own tests, lose nothing to the Pro V other than the name and marketing budget.
  6. The grinding part is the simple part on an otr wedge. The hard part is adding back all the weight you just lost by just using lead tape. There is a reason why custom wedge companies get raw forgings much heavier than the finished product.
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