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  1. i have been playing farmstead a lot, sometimes skyview, wild turkey, and high point country club. shoot me a text next time you guys are getting something going. i’ll pm my number.
  2. looking for some new playing partners in northern nj , i live in sussex county, getting tired of my normal group. been playing a lot alone but sometimes fun with others. they have just been driving me nuts with cheating and taking 10 footers as gimmes because they didn’t wanna get the putter out so used the wedge to put and go if it’s within 3 feet i’m taking it. we’re not playing for money but i still take the game serious and i have had it. !!!! chris
  3. Your first name- chris - City/State branchville NJ - Your swing speed and handicap driver 105 12.4 - Your current setup of fairway 15.5, hybrid 21 regular flex shaft Left handed
  4. Hey new to here a frequenter on another site. from branchville new jersey, started playing golf in 2016 when i moved back up this way and bought a house. this season i have been walking a lot to cut down some weight so my best option is farmstead golf and country club, they have 3 9s to choose from or play all 3. always down to meet up with other golf addicts so shoot me a pm and we can set something up. i am a shop foreman for a gasoline/jet fuel trucking company. -chris
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