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  1. Looks like we had very similar weighting and metrics we were after. I also ended up going Vice Pro. The Bridgestone XS came out on top for me, but when factoring price the Vice Pro was just too good.
  2. I finally made a decision on my first premium ball and went with 5 dozen Vice Pro balls. I can’t wait to get out and see how they perform. They just seemed the most consistent for my swing speed and the price was right. I’m not consistent enough yet to worry about maximum carry, I need all the help with consistency I can get.
  3. Thanks for posting this, gave me the idea to the same for myself and when factoring in the most important things to me (Offline, Shot Area, Drive Distance) The Vice Pro, zStar, and Pro v's rise to the top. Given the huge price discrepancy when ordering 5+ I think I'm going to go all in with the Vice Pro.
  4. I’m almost in information overload here. I was holding off on picking my first “good” ball until this report and now I feel almost paralysis by analysis. I carry my decent drives around 220-230 with my current gamer (Wilson Staff 50/50 elite) and around 135-145 with my 7. I’ve been clocked as high as 101 on a GC2 but averaged around 94-96 on my fitting. Big miss is a huge slice that will still carry 220+ but end up 1-2 fairways right. That’s what scares me off the tee more than anything. In my initial research prior to this report I thought I had found my new ball in the E12 soft/speed or Q Star tour but the dispersion of the Q Star has me terrified that it could accentuate that bad miss.
  5. Real shame the E12 soft/speed weren’t included. Both have been on my shortlist to take a look at. I’m stuck between the Z star, Vice Pro, and the E12s right now.
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