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  1. Golfspy-CG2. What I have failed to mention in my previous comments is that I will be there next year, as I took the opportunity of being selected as a volunteer. Yes it costs $250 plus my flight and accommodation whilst there and will personally cost me a lot of money. However, also as a back up I registered for the “lottery” to buy tickets. On obtaining this “congrats” email this week and being able to possibly purchase either a practice round/match day ticket/s, for my best friend in Chicago I might add, stinks of corporate greed. The whole system has failed for us golfers and fans and who is making the money out of this?
  2. Disgusted is my view and a total disgrace in the way the PGA has handled this. My interest was to have a FAIR opportunity of purchasing tickets for next year. This has not happened and to state that if you have registered and then subsequently received “a congratulations email” then to be notified this week that you need to login at the appropriate time of the website opening only to be told, it will be “a randomly selected place in the line” stinks.
  3. Gutted waited all this time and even practice days are sold out. USGA and PGA have so much to answer for with this system they put in place. Four hours of waiting and nothing other the touts and brokers making a killing on ticket prices.
  4. When the Ryder Cup was at Le Golf National two years ago the allocation of tickets was much smoother and decidedly quicker than this. Am still just under half way of my walking skeleton.
  5. Guys this is such a sorry state of affairs. My concern is where are these tickets being distributed? As avid golfers/fans we have been given a raw deal in this process. The touts/hospitality arena will make a fortune!
  6. Unbelievable. As a person that does systems analysis on a daily basis and runs algorithms to ensure the most equitable outcomes for everyone the PGA have a lot of questions to answer too.
  7. Sitting here in the UK and my guy has only just moved! If am honest this system of purchasing tickets is a joke. It could take up to 8 hours at this rate for me to get to the end and I entered the lobby just after the time prescribed. God help those that entered after the cut off time as they have no chance. Just my thoughts as a European spectator. Very disappointing way of allocating tickets.
  8. Have my committee assignment. Email came through during the Summer. Have appreciated that previous volunteers get first choice. No issue with me. Ended up working in the merchandise side. Fully happy with that as should be loads of fun. As for accommodation. Went Airbnb and bagged a fantastic price at a B and B in Plymouth which is 30 minutes away from course. Cannot wait until this time next year. The cost of volunteer price out-ways the experience that will be had next year. It seriously is a no brainer as the overall cost of a week’s ticket price is astronomical without even finding somewhere to stay in the local area.
  9. Hi. New to this forum however thought I would pass my thoughts across. I live in the UK and last year’s Ryder Cup outside Paris would have cost me approximately €150 for a single Saturday or Sunday ticket. That did not include my travel or accommodation costs. I had the opportunity when they went on sale to purchase through the selection process however I could not justify spending close to €600 to see one day of the competition. I did enter the 2020 volunteer draw and have successfully been chosen. Appreciated I will need to fly out to the States however having close friends near Kohler my accommodation is sorted. Paying the $250 fee is a no brainier for me as it will provide full access for all 6 days even though technically I will be working for free. Daily tickets will not be far off that initial cost. It will also provide a once in a lifetime experience and memories of what this competition is about. To the original poster “just do it”.
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