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  1. I had very similar experience - The Evenflow just rewarded me for getting my swing smooth. I'm hitting it on average at least 20 yards longer, and now creeping closer to 30 yards now that I'm adjusting to it. Very very happy with my purchase.
  2. Try the EvenFlow Stiff Shaft - I bought my F9 with it and love the performance I'm getting. Just feels incredibly smooth. I swing a similar speed, but can't stand the way the whip feels on a regular flex. I just feel like I can't go after a ball.
  3. Bang for your buck, where I live in Canada, you can't touch Srixon pricewise. 15 bucks cheaper than Titliest a box, 10 bucks less than Bridgestone, and with shipping, a wash with Snell Balls. So cost effective, and an absolutely amazing ball performance wise.
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