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    They are white ones - I attached a picture of one of the damaged balls - but this is basically what 6 of them did within 4 holes.
  2. Dg_sk


    I haven't - I guess I probably should. It wasn't just one ball - it was all of them - the average time I could use one was about 4 holes. Then they were either ripped, or scuffed so back it wasn't worth putting back in play. And I'm not hitting old clubs or anything. Cobra F9 Driver, Wilson FG Tour F5 Irons, and Wilson PMP Wedges that are less than a year old. Nothing that's really worn out or "old". I had an old Cleveland wedge that used to tear balls up - so my first thought was that it was the wedges - but I used my buddies Vokeys with the same result.
  3. Dg_sk


    Maybe it was just a bad batch? I will say, I was totally impressed with the distance of the driver - they really flew well. I thought maybe it was my wedge cutting them, so I swapped it out for a different one. Didn't seem to make a difference.
  4. Dg_sk


    I finally got my hands on the Snell MTB-X balls and played them exclusively the last week. They are great in terms of ball flight and distance, very comparable to the Titliest and Srixon balls I usually play - my only complaint is that they weren't very durable. I was getting 3 or 4 holes out of the balls before the covers tore or were scuffed enough that I didn't want to use them any longer. I haven't had this type of problem with Srixon or Titliest. So they are great balls in terms of performance, but given they weren't durable, I won't buy again.
  5. I had very similar experience - The Evenflow just rewarded me for getting my swing smooth. I'm hitting it on average at least 20 yards longer, and now creeping closer to 30 yards now that I'm adjusting to it. Very very happy with my purchase.
  6. Try the EvenFlow Stiff Shaft - I bought my F9 with it and love the performance I'm getting. Just feels incredibly smooth. I swing a similar speed, but can't stand the way the whip feels on a regular flex. I just feel like I can't go after a ball.
  7. Bang for your buck, where I live in Canada, you can't touch Srixon pricewise. 15 bucks cheaper than Titliest a box, 10 bucks less than Bridgestone, and with shipping, a wash with Snell Balls. So cost effective, and an absolutely amazing ball performance wise.
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