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  1. My suggestion is that you may want to consider: 1. Benching the driver and primarily go with your 2H or 3H off the tee. The misses should be less wild and have fewer lost balls. Practice the driver on the range. Bring it back when it is working better. 2. Review your tee choice. Judging by your WITB, shaft selection, etc... it appears you have potential for good distance and I'd guess are playing longer tees.. Consider limiting yourself to no longer than 6,000 yards while you are improving your scores. 3. Short game and putting are probably your best way to get scores improved. Focus most of your practice time here. If you can keep the ball in play and have a reasonable short game then playing bogey golf is reasonable even if you miss most greens. If you miss the green, chip on, and 2-putt then that is bogey golf. I'm a 20 handicap who plays mostly easy courses. I keep my driver in play, but without much distance at only 210 yard average, and miss a lot of greens. I can generally get chips on the green and 2-putt. Lost balls, wasted strokes around the green, and 3-putting are scorecard killers. Dave
  2. I'm not a talented enough golfer to contribute to this thread maybe as intended, but thought I would give my input. I also prefer to play 9 holes at a time and typically shoot around a 46 so I'm about 6 shots worse than you. I've had a golf club acquisition problem over the years and have put into play over the past few years: G15 - I have had them for years, but despite the size do not strike them consistently well. I think it is because of the wide soles and my picker "brush the grass" type of impact position. I still have these. I keep thinking after bad stretches that these may be the answer to my problem, but they never are. 718 AP1 - I was fit for these, but they did not work on the course at all. I'm not sure why. I suffered with inconsistent golf and eventually flipped them end of 2019. 716 AP2 - I liked these. They look/feel good. There was a distance penalty, but loft-for-loft I think these did ok. I flipped them end of 2019, maybe I should have kept them. The 4i/5i were inconsistent though and needed hybrid replacement. I think this line of iron is a good compromise. MP4 - These are the prettiest of the bunch and have great feel. Mine are shafted with XP 105 R300 so the shaft is reasonable for my skill also. I think my inconsistency is a little bit worse than with the AP2s, but the good shots made me feel like I was playing real golf. I still have these. TE Forged - I bought these early 2020 with a lower flight shaft (DG R300) due to reports of the launch being very high. They feel good and are reasonably sized. I'm only ok with these down to a 6 iron also. Maltby MPF rates these very highly, measurements show MOI is quite a bit less than AP2 but the COG is farther from the hosel.'' I still have these. The shaft may be a bit much and I think I benefit by going lighter. 0211 - I bought these used off PXG Express after the season for what I thought was a great deal and plan to play them this year. They are a little bit bigger than the TE Forged, but are hollow/filled and I'm getting a little bit better distance loft-for-loft on my Mevo. The feel is still quite good. I haven't gotten them on the course yet. What's the take away from all of this? Scores differ very little. Smaller irons have more "disaster" potential at my skill level and if my swing is God awful on a particular day I may really struggle. It is possible the really good rounds are helped with a more precise iron. I seem to do much worse with a very wide sole, but ideally a little bit of help still. Personally, I think irons do not make that big of a difference. Dave
  3. Did you iron shafts make the club too flat because of a length difference? Or maybe the swing weight was too light? Dave
  4. I get good ball speed from the ST190 driver, but am suffering from gear effect on heel side misses. GIven I'm seeing some out-to-in path already, the gear effect miss makes the driver unplayable. Back to the K15. Dave
  5. Post some pics and feedback. I have not used them, but people have used other budget wedges before like the Tom Watson Adams wedges and had good results. Dave
  6. Get well, I've enjoyed reading your posts on here and classic clubs forum. Dave
  7. Fairways seem to be the club that a lot of golfers will keep in the bag that is much older than the rest of their clubs. It can be hard to find a fairway that you get along with, if you fare well with your current one definitely don't trade it in when you get a different one! Dave
  8. Has it been the same shaft type that has broken each year? Dave
  9. I much prefer twilight. Courses are typically not crowded and its much easier to go out as a single. Dave
  10. What is your definition of very low? The Maltby Playability Factor measurements have data for CoG. They don't measure sole width though. Quite a few of the older players irons have low COG and thin sole. Dave
  11. 7 woods can work great for some, they are good for a high approach shot to the green. I think you run into trouble if it starts ballooning. I think hybrids are better for the average guy. Dave
  12. I picked up a Louisville Golf Tour Classic 2 wood with True Temper TT Lite shaft at Nevada Bob's in Madison for $10 a couple years back, but have only used it for hitting balls at the range. I think it'd be fun to give it a go on the course, but would need some more practice first to see if I can tame it. It is interesting this is the Kirkland Signature golf ball thread. Do you find that you need to use softer golf balls with the persimmon? Dave
  13. I really like using mine outdoors hitting into a golf net. I'm fortunate that I have a farmer's field behind my house so if one misses it is less of a deal. Dave
  14. Sorry for going too far off topic, but I think it's awesome you are playing the persimmons. Do you find old clubs for bargains or are you finding them in better condition? Are these steel shafted? Dave
  15. I'm just expressing my opinion. If you disagree that's fine. Dave
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