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  1. Get well, I've enjoyed reading your posts on here and classic clubs forum. Dave
  2. Fairways seem to be the club that a lot of golfers will keep in the bag that is much older than the rest of their clubs. It can be hard to find a fairway that you get along with, if you fare well with your current one definitely don't trade it in when you get a different one! Dave
  3. dthrog00

    3rd broken shaft

    Has it been the same shaft type that has broken each year? Dave
  4. I much prefer twilight. Courses are typically not crowded and its much easier to go out as a single. Dave
  5. What is your definition of very low? The Maltby Playability Factor measurements have data for CoG. They don't measure sole width though. Quite a few of the older players irons have low COG and thin sole. Dave
  6. dthrog00

    7 woods

    7 woods can work great for some, they are good for a high approach shot to the green. I think you run into trouble if it starts ballooning. I think hybrids are better for the average guy. Dave
  7. I picked up a Louisville Golf Tour Classic 2 wood with True Temper TT Lite shaft at Nevada Bob's in Madison for $10 a couple years back, but have only used it for hitting balls at the range. I think it'd be fun to give it a go on the course, but would need some more practice first to see if I can tame it. It is interesting this is the Kirkland Signature golf ball thread. Do you find that you need to use softer golf balls with the persimmon? Dave
  8. I really like using mine outdoors hitting into a golf net. I'm fortunate that I have a farmer's field behind my house so if one misses it is less of a deal. Dave
  9. Sorry for going too far off topic, but I think it's awesome you are playing the persimmons. Do you find old clubs for bargains or are you finding them in better condition? Are these steel shafted? Dave
  10. I'm just expressing my opinion. If you disagree that's fine. Dave
  11. Nice, thanks for sharing the numbers. Seems like 8 and 9 iron has big gap, but the numbers are good. Enjoy the game! Dave
  12. I just turned 40 a few months ago. I feel great at 40. I've been hitting the exercise bike hard and feel like I'm in much better shape than I was at 35. Being 40 is ok Dave
  13. In my opinion the golf manufacturer's strategy is to continue to make the launch monitor demo irons stronger lofted over time to demonstrate to the golfer, "This 7 iron goes longer than yours!". I'm not saying it is outright deceptive, but it isn't necessarily honest either. There's a lot of people who aren't knowledgeable enough to understand 7 irons vary greatly. The golf companies have to drive sales to make money for their shareholders. I get that. Personally, I'm not interested in those clubs but have nothing against those who are. Dave
  14. Manufacturers do it because it sells clubs. Are they selling to knowledgeable customers or people who don't know better? Probably a mix of both. There's definitely a level of deception at play in my opinion. Consumers need to be knowledgeable when they buy something, trusting salesman is rarely a wise move whether it concerns golf clubs, cars, or anything else IMO. Dave
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