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  1. 14 hours ago, bobsarobot said:

    This might contradict the point of your post but I actually hit a specially made matte finish version and I was only carrying the ball 270.  Hit the actual club and I was easily carrying it 278'ish.  But then....THEN... they brought out a pinball metallic finish and the sun was reflecting off the crown, almost burning a hole in my retina.  Could barely even look at the ball and pretty much averaged 295 carry.  Unbelievable.

    drowning in the sarcasm over here....lol.....

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  2. CS was shockingly long for me.....all the "SOFT" talk and "mushy" talk leads people to think its slow and short.....definitely not the case.

    The new TP5 was radically changed IMO and is a shell of its former model, which was crazy good for me. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:


    Be sure to check out the MGS Home Page First Look piece when it drops when the official launch is announced.  It will have in person live first hand experiecne and photos. 

    Titelist has never done matte, so wasn't much hope for that to be the new lineup. 

    agreed but the shiny black crown is so played out and is ridiculous in the sun....im really interested in the TSR4 though....will keep fingers crossed as performance is key, not looks. I was just hoping for a more muted look

  4. I am starting to think the "Most Wanted" label should be rebadged.......with the putter article, i highly doubt a cobra putter is the "most wanted".......Cameron maybe......sales will dictate what is actually most wanted and i literally have never seen a cobra putter on a course near me. 

    "Best performer" might be better????


    Most wanted has always rubbbed me the wrong way....

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  5. On 2/16/2022 at 2:15 PM, Thin2win said:

    So I have hit a lot of shots in the sim and I can talk launch angles and spin rates all day about the various balls on the market. But I have nothing as far as knowledge of wind effect on various dimple patterns. So Spies, which of you play in a wind swept area and have learned that "X" ball tends to work better? From tour pro talk it sounds like maybe Srixon does better then some. But I have nothing to back that up. What have you all found for the best ball in the wind?

    do  you mean downwind or agaisnt the wind?   the 2 scenarios are so different on how it effects drag, any answer you get in this thread will not be applicable to your situation on any given day.

    in my experience, a real low spin ball has worked best for me.....any production of spin over 2000 rpms agaist a headwind will balloon unless you know how to hit stingers and flight the ball really low

    left dash worked well in the wind for me......bridgestone BXS, BALLOON BALL!!!!

    11 hours ago, Londo said:

    Will echo that Left Dot is the best ball I have ever hit in the wind. Low trajectory was super penetrating, handled into the wind and crosswinds better than any other I have used. Srixon XV and Snell MTB-X have been solid as well

    left dot is the best ball ive ever played, but i do not have experience in big wind with it...only nice calm days 

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  6. On 2/11/2022 at 10:53 PM, MikeJ said:

    I was checking out Phil’s new logo balls in this article when I noticed something more interesting, to me at least.

    Look at Phil’s ball and you’ll see a dot after Chrome Soft X. That’s definitely not a retail version regardless of his logo. Does anyone know what’s different about this… I guess I’ll call it a right dot?



    Phil has never played an "off the shelf" golf ball...

  7. 21 hours ago, LowSwingSpeed said:

    Have played several times with the 2022 AVX. Completely different ball than the 2021 - more spin off driver and feels much firmer, more like last year's PV1X. One thing is the same - will not stop like the PV1. Tempted to just go back and play SuperHot 55s.

    strange because this version of the AVX is suposed to be softer and lower spinning off the long clubs....

    get your hands on some left dots and see what you think

  8. Left dot will have a mainstream release in the same manner as left dash.

    the rep i spoke to 6 months ago confirmed it.......timing is the only missing element. It could be a late summer release but that s just a guess. The release info is direct from Titleist. 

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  9. On 12/23/2021 at 10:38 AM, AndySP said:

    Well maybe not measure it, but you can calculate it because they are all fly through the air which is relatively consistent. The answer is about 3.5 % per second in the air. Here is some math, and explanation for where it comes from. 

    i have read that in the past and its great an all but IMO. descent angle is where its at for iron play....you know that pin is 150 yards out, hit it high and 150.....drop it right on that number if you can.....dont worry about spin........lots of guys like to hit that shot 160 and draw the ball back but  to me, thats just luck and another factor you cannot control.....

    id love to see spin #'s when the ball actually hits a green but even then, the hardness of the green comes into play.  I truly believe the average golfer spends WAY TOO MUCH TIME on this stuff and tries to incorporate this into their on course game....its pointless to me.......fun to talk about but pointless for the average player......i hear guys on the course who cannot break 100 talking about spin rates and thier $500 driver they cannot hit over 200 yards..... its all craziness to me......

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  10. The "spin" metric is so over rated if you ask me because NOBODY can measure spin after it leaves the club face.  you can "control" spin with your swing by employing different techniques....

    i would love to see a test of how much a ball is spinning when it hits the green......but without that, i just try to control descent angle as best i can. Ive played "spinny" balls and "low spin" balls all with the same results depending on my swing.




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  11. On 11/13/2021 at 7:09 PM, greggarner said:

    Played with a Callaway rep a few days ago. I mentioned how much I liked the XLS except for one thing: cover durability. He handed me a white box sleeve and said, "yeah, we hear that a lot. This is coming out in a couple months. Let me know what you think."

    Y'all. These are *legit.* The cover is muuuuuuch softer but more durable while maintaining the performance from the current version. Nice, flat trajectory on all clubs and a firm-but-not-harsh feel. With the current gen, on short irons, I could flush it and think I clanked it. Much more responsive and better feedback with the new version. 

    Greenside is tuned and responds how I'd expect based on the shot I'm hitting and they've really done a great job making it less clicky on slow-speed swings and off the putter. 

    Oh, and durability? Current version: ~3 holes before the cover is shredded. New version? Played 9 today with the same ball and not a scuff or scrape to be seen. Don't sleep on this one...

    pics or it didnt happen

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  12. I have done three......and all three times a different ball was recommended. the ONLY consistent message taken from all three fittings is the fact not one ball fits every shot.....you always sacrifice something.......and big box stores have crappy fittings....NEVER get fit inside for ANYTHING......after these "fittings", i did my own season long tests with 50 rounds and 10 different balls.....i concluded the three best all around balls for MY GAME....are the ChromeSoft X, Titleist Prov1 and Prov1 left dot......left dot is my favorite ball but I can play all three and have what i call success....you have to run our own tests once you get the driver #'s in your pocket......i found the best fitting techniques started with the 7 iron and ended with the putter.....

  13. On 10/22/2021 at 10:10 PM, BeansGuy said:

    Thank you so much for this test. I had been playing Chrome LS but after reading this I went and tried the Bridgestone Tour R BX, what a difference it makes. Ton less spin for me off the driver which gave me more distance. I usually have a ball speed over 160, and this thing produced great results for me. Putting took me around 18 holes to get used to it, really comes off the putter quicker than the LS. Overall, so far I really like the ball and plan on keeping it as my gamer.

    do you mena the B RX or the BX?  what color box did the balls come in? 

  14. On 10/27/2021 at 8:19 PM, Mackdaddy9 said:

    I am super curious about how the left dot and left dash compare.

    i did a big write up on this subject....played both balls a ton this summer.......the ONLY comparison to me is the distance.....two totally different balls outside of the initial tee shot

  15. 8 minutes ago, Tsecor said:

    Not to be rude, but what are you talking about?? How do you know what Rory thought? lol.....

    Nobody said he would consider switching, it was just a thought.....

    this is just a bizarre post to a light hearted discussion.....not sure why you are on the attack but i'll move on from here and you can post whatever you wish. 

    hope this thread gets locked

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