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  1. I loved my old Ping Driver so I am jumping back in with Ping this year. I am super excited about it
  2. I have been so happy with Srixon! I am excited to try these.
  3. Isaac- 39 SLC, UT 10 Hndcp Currently Titleist CB irons 1/4 in long 5-PW - Lifelong Titleist T-200 or T-100 I have played a lot of different Titleist irons so I would love to try out the newest ones to compare. Planning to play a lot of golf this summer.
  4. Isaac/Utah Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom Mallet 2 Right I use a similar putter now but I have always struggled to putt as well as I would like. I am very interested in improving my putting and I know that the best way to improve my scores is make more putts. I will be golfing more this year than the last few and playing in tournaments. The reviews and price are really intriguing to me. I am in the market to buy a new putter anyway and would really enjoy the testing process. I do some blogging and social media stuff on the side so I think I would be an ideal fit for this.
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