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  1. peter Florida 10 i have used a friend's aid and it helped a lot
  2. Peter/ Jacksonville, FL 10 HC/ 105 MPH I dont currently have a hybrid in my bag if i had to pick a loft i'd choose around 18* because that would fill the gap well between my 3 wood and 4 iron considering i dont currently play a hybrid
  3. I seem to have an addiction with searching for hidden gems and deals from the Goodwill stores in my area. I generally clean, re-grip and flip what I find.. or maybe just add it to my bag. Today I felt like I hit the jackpot with a few Ping wedges, an SM58-12 Vokey wedge and this Clevelend wedge all at $0.99/club with next to no groove wear on any of them. I'm not very familiar with Cleveland wedges especally because this looks like it was maybe a custom wedge from Belleair Country Club and possibly owned by a man named Rand (sorry Rand), there are no markings on it that would tell me what mode
  4. Peter, Florida 10, 103 mph ProV1 I have never played the Z Star or VX
  5. Peter, Florida Cleveland TFi 2135 satin 8.0 Right Hand I am a big supporter of the idea that golf does not have to be expensive, elitist, or exclusive. I believe that this brand is on my side because they make surprisingly high quality gear for the price at which it is sold. I believe that the more accurate and high quality reviews there are for gear at lower price points, the more people will be introduced to the game and feel confident with the gear that they start out with and use for years to come.
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