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  1. Golfer Rick 118, Hudson, FL I have an IPad Pro gen 3 17' indoor hitting area with Net Return projector screen, good 5'x5' mat Sky Trak and SC100 good lighting in room Also have season pass to our outdoor range I appreciate all the work you guys do in your thorough testing. The best ball test ever! Would love to test Rapsodo.
  2. e6I have used several Bridgestone models, e6 soft, TourB330RXS, B330RX. I have a Skytrak and play in FL all winter.
  3. Rick from Florida Current putter is a Ping Sigma2 Tyne 4 Matte finish chrome Right handed I have assembled and built/modified putters for over 20 years. I would like to see if the TA Impact #3 is close in feel and performance to higher priced brands. I also think the black finish may help keep the glare down.
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