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  1. Chris / ND Hcp 10.1 trend 9.5 Mizuno jpx 900 forged/hot metal 7 iron : 180 thank you
  2. Chris / North Dakota Odyssey Toulan Atlanta Handicap 10
  3. Topher178


  4. I was able to get a bunch of rounds in this last week with it. I had league as well as a 3 man scramble over the weekend. And on our way to the scramble we hit up a course. I was able to get about 90 holes in over 5 days. And I tell you that this putter saved me some strokes. The greens were a little slower on the course we hit before the scramble weekend. After a couple holes I was able to dial in. I used the 1-2 cadence in my head to try to get consistent pace while hitting. That gave me better control. On Saturday I was putting real well. I had about a 35 ft bomb that I picked a spot and it rolled true. I had similar feel on Sunday during the flighted round. I left quite a few short by just one or two revolution though. I attribute that partly to the fact we were 1st tee time in the morning. The dew was slowing us a little. But it was better the back 9 as things dried up. It was enjoyable and that little extra roll definitely helped me when I was putting on the courses I wasn't used to playing. I'm a big fan and it will be staying in my bag for the foreseeable future. And another update on the customer service side. I called the number and they shipped me out the SS Toulon grip no problem. Excited to get those in the mail and ready to roll
  5. Great review. Thanks for taking the time. I picked up a Toulon Design Atlanta with the stroke lab shaft. It's incredible on the practice green at the course and at home. Tomorrow is league night so I'll get my first chance to putt some real shots with it. It definitely feels like there is something to that counter balancing going on. I switched from a TaylorMade Mullen 2 which is 10 grams lighter. And it feels like a feather in comparison. But the stroke feels so smooth. I can also see a little more carry on the ball with my stroke. Where my TM would tend to lose momentum. This Toulon/Stroke Lab seems to carry the ball with some extra speed well and it rolls out nice. Lastly, I have to give a shout-out to Callaway-Odyssey customer service. I reached out to them since I was being unnecessarily particular about the head cover. I really like the blade style and this one came with a Mallet style. They were gracious enough to send me a blade style and gave me a number to call so I could discuss getting regripped with my favorite pistol style grip from super stroke. They have it with the Toulon Design from the design garage and I got mine from the clubhouse. So big thanks to Callaway customer service from a very happy customer.
  6. Chris/ North Dakota 11 Handicap Mizuno S18 50 degree, SM7 54 degree, SM6 60 Degree Favorite shot: Knock down 54 from around 100yds. Low and lots of spin! Thank you Cleveland for the opportunity. I used to hit all Cleveland wedges and slowly went away. Would love to see the difference in these from the old CGs
  7. Congrats everyone. Couple things I like to look for if the distance varies when shooting Middle of the pin or up top. Since sometimes the sensor is in different locations at different courses. And How quickly it locks in the distance. @JonMUSC08
  8. Chris/Fargo, ND I use a rangefinder most shots. Eyeball when inside 90 yards usually. Going off feel more then. I also have a Garmin on my bag to see fronts/back of green. currently using TecTecTec VPRO500S Constantly testing against GPS and my buddies range finder to see how accurate it can be. I've had mine 2 years now and we still check to see if we get same results.
  9. Chris Fargo,ND 110 swing speed Currently using Bridgestone I've had very little experience with Snell. I actually found one while searching for my friends ball. I used it out of curiosity because I just saw the reviews. I made my best swing of the day/probably year and absolutely bombed the ball up the fairway. This was on my home course and out drove my best by about 15-20 yds. They have my attention.
  10. Chris / ND 13.0/ 110 mph Mostly Bridgestone never tried either z star or XV
  11. Chris North Dakooootah TaylorMade Mullen 2 Right hand I used a mallet putter for many years 10+ years ago. I've been looking to get back into this style putter. Recently been exploring the Tailormade TP series. Very curious how this stacks up with them. I enjoy working on the putting green to hone my skill. Well that, and it usually the part that needs the most work!
  12. Has anyone tried using those silver sharpies and put a dot on the ball instead of the sticker? I'm curious if that would help the sticker situation on the MEVO Also, I heard they added spin to the app on the SC300. But I need the Android capability. Waiting on that currently. I like the ability to just use the monitor if I want to and not rely on the app. So the SC300 currently has my slight advantage. But I've been recording my swing so it's neat to have that with the MEVO. Primarily looking for gapping distances and practicing shots. Even if it's consistently short 5-10 yards. I can adapt that to the course. I'd occasionally use it on the course I think. Especially when I have the distance dialed in with the range finder.
  13. Hey Everyone, How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 13.0, been playing off and on for 20+ years. Recently consistently getting 1-2 rounds a week What do you love about golf? Enjoy getting time to hang with buddies. Have a few beers and stick a few shots close. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Reviews, interaction with like minded individuals. Where are you from? What is your home course? From Minnesota. Currently playing around Fargo, ND What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? WIND and short season. Summer months are beautiful though. What do you do for a living? Business Sales for telecommunication company How’d you pick your user name? Nickname from high school and random number.
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