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  1. You are spot on, that was my thinking to have probably around 5 lessons with them first to make sure I can see a level of improvement and then commit if happy! The one thing I would say is that I’d much rather invest 1000 smackers on lessons rather than 1000 smackeroonies on golf gear that I can’t use properly!! I’m currently using a bag of clubs that are made up of donations and eBay buys, taylormade RAC HL irons, Taylormade SLDR 3 wood, Yonex Driver and recovery and ping putter!
  2. Many thanks to all of you who have spent time in replying. Just to go over a few points, i'm early 30s, shoot 100 - 110 most rounds, and really my only real goal is to be able to hit the course and shoot 90 comfortably and feel confident on course too. Rather than that feeling of hitting a creamer of a shot, strutting up to the next shot and shanking the bugger into the trees!! So I went to a new golf establishment today and talked to some pros about coaching, so will give them a go. got some great indoor equipment and good levels of golf experiance. Very tempted to fork out 1000 bucks for a year improvement course too!!
  3. Hello, my names Steve, its my first post on this forum and I’m seeking advice! I’ve been playing (trying to) golf for around 3 years now on and off and I have been a member of the local 9-hole course for this amount of time also. My problem is that I feel like I’ve never got better. Don’t get me wrong I probably don’t help the situation by falling in and out of love with the sport, as I have a good round and feel like I’ve cracked the code, to then play the next time and be the worst I’ve ever played!!! I’m not sure what to do to improve my ability however. A lot of people say “just go and play… everyday.. as much as you can, that’s the only way to get better”. It doesn’t feel right though. It feels like I have fundamental issues with my golf swing. Example, went to the driving range today, every club goes 100 yards! Whether it’s a 9 iron, 7 iron, 5 iron, rescue (sometimes 125y) and my 3 wood reaches 125 yards with what I consider a clean hit!! And I don’t even pick the driver out of the bag anymore! When I first started and also for the years afterwards I had loads of lessons with the course pro, and to be fair to him minor things did improve and he got my grip sorted etc, however a lot got worse also. I felt I was paying a lot of money for 30 mins to have 20 mins of nicey nicey chat and 7 mins of lesson talk… the other 3 minutes were where he would regularly be late!! So I’ve avoided these for the past year!! So I guess my question is, has anyone else found themselves in a similar position when starting out, and how did you figure out what was going wrong and start hitting the proper distances? I appreciate that there is no magic pill and it wont change overnight, but any help to get back on the right track would be awesome!
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