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  1. The group I play with regularly just started walking in the past month. We’d been talking about it for a year because when Covid hit our courses we’re open but no carts. Of course, the 1st few courses we played were not the friendliest courses to walk, let alone carry your bag. So, in the past month we’ve all invested in push carts and we won’t be turning back. Camaraderie is better. Don’t feel like your rushing around the course. Experience is more enjoyable. We love it!
  2. Josh Madison, WI Cobra F9 (9 degree -1) 19 100ish TSi3
  3. Thanks for the info. I've been leaning CC simply for the amount of options but concerned with the attention to detail or getting stuck with "Joey" as my fitter who's been on the job for 3 weeks. I'm glad you offered your opinion as we share some clubs and I see your hitting a Ventus shaft in your Cobra F9. Love the feel of my F9 head but toying with idea of having the shaft looked at for replacement. Also, one of my top irons of intrigue for my iron fitting are the Mizzy JPX Forged. Thanks again.
  4. Between MGS and YouTube I'm really turning into a gear nut. It seems that every article and every video I watch mentions one should get "a fitting". I'm all for it because even though my game has vastly improved this year, I just don't think I am maximizing distance with my irons. No issues with height and stopping ability on the green. If there is an issue, it's that my ball is too high therefore sacrificing distance So, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where to get fit southern Wisconsin? I live in Madison but am willing to go to Milwaukee or to northern Illinois. There is a GolfTec in Madison. Club Champion and Golf Galaxy in Milwaukee area. I'd like an agnostic fitter since I don't want to feel like I'm going to be steered toward a particular brand. Would also like to try to try as many brands as possible that would fit my swing characteristics. Also, like to think that if my current club heads will work and I just need new shafts that that would be an option too. I am willing to buy new irons and certainly have some setups I'd like to try but am completely leaving this open ended with trying to get the best setup for me for the money I'm willing to spend. Any recommendations, "beware of" comments are much appreciated. I've read some reviews by people who have been disappointed in their fittings so I'm trying to avoid the same result. I'm really looking forward to getting fit, working on my swing and conditioning this winter, then come out next year to push for a single digit handicap.
  5. I've been searching far and wide for a set of women's petite or shorter shafted golf clubs. My significant other is trying to get involved in golf a little more but it's hard when the clubs are too long and uncomfortable. She's only 5'1" so I need to find clubs that clubs that will be good for a beginner golfer. I know I can go get a complete set but just hoping to find something with a little more quality than what those sets probably offer. Thanks for any help!
  6. Josh/ Madison, WI 20ish Currently playing Wilson C300 irons
  7. Josh, Madison, WI Currently playing Cleveland RTX3 52* & Wilson FG Tour 56*, 60*. If I'm lucky enough to be selected I'd like to try a 56*. Thanks for the opportunity.
  8. 20 hdcp in Madison, WI Currently gaming Wilson C300, 135-140 I know a bit about Sub 70. DTC company out of Illinois. I've been watching some YouTube reviews which have been nothing but glowing from the quality of the club to how great the customer service has been. Also, the CEO/President is a great guy and at the forefront of his operation. I think the DTC concept is tremendous and at the prices major brands are tagging clubs at it will be hard to get new golfers or younger golfers involved in the sport. Brands like Sub 70 and Ben Hogan products are getting rave reviews both in print and video so offering equal quality for a better price must be putting major brands on notice a bit. Of course, the minor hurdle DTC brands have to work through is the custom fit but in time that can be achieved. Thanks for the opportunity. DTC will most likely be my next approach when I look to replace my current irons.
  9. Josh in Madison, WI 460 105ish 1st opinion, that's a very good looking driver.
  10. Josh Wisconsin, USA Handicap - 20 Wilson C300 145-150 unless I hit it pure, 165
  11. Josh Wisconsin Odyssey Dual Force 330 Cero Single Bend 34" I've been looking to upgrade my putter for a few months now but just haven't pulled the trigger. These new Cleveland's are on my radar but there isn't a golf shop in my area that has them so I have not been able to demo them. Interesting concept behind the design and if the they produce as Cleveland says they will... well, it's a win/win for everyone.
  12. Hello all and thanks for reading. I first swung a club in my early teens. Would borrow my Dad's clubs to hit the range or play 9 with my friends. That is until I was hitting his wood driver and the face insert flew down range half as far as the ball. At that point it was time for my own clubs. In my early 20's I bought my own clubs and would play a few times a year. It wasn't until mid to late 30's that truly fell in love with golf. Now I've invested more time and money into the game which I feel is close to paying off. I usually play 9 to 27 holes a week. Golf league on Thursday at Evansville Golf Club and my friends and I try to get 18 in on weekends. Actually missing 18 with the boys right now due to work obligations. Not sure of my handicap but I generally shoot 45-48 for 9. Again, I feel I'm close to that being low 40's. Golf is therapeutic to me. I work on the service business where the only reason people talk to me is because something is wrong. Golf lets me get away from that. At times it frustrates the hell out of my but when you pick one clean or have this gorgeous ball flight or stick one close it feels so calming. Of course, I want to break a club when I chunk one from 100 yards out. I found MSG last year as I was starting to rework my bag. Found reviews very helpful in putting me on the path to find clubs that would work for me. Truth is, there is just so much out there and being able to pick 3-4 brands to choose from to test helped not feel so overwhelmed. I live in Madison, WI and love it. There are at least 15 courses within a 20-25 minute drive for me. No shortage of options. Some better than others. As I said before, I play Evansville every week the usually The Oaks, Door Creek, Pleasant View, Meadows at Six Mile on weekends. I really should explore more courses. If anyone wants to join let me know. Need more playing partners. I work for wholesale company in the skilled trades as an Operations Manager. Started with this company when I was 20 so I'm in my position because I know our customers and what they want & need. Not because I know how to manage operations. As for my handle, my nickname is Tito and in my early 20's I was the diplomatic one of my all roommates. During arguments or riffs I would be the voice of reason. One night after a few beers 1 of my roommates called me The Mayor. Hence MayorTito.
  13. Tier 5 Pick is Jhonattan Vegas Winning Score: -12
  14. I bought a set of MCT-97 Australian blades way back before I realized I needed to be good at golf, not my equipment needed to be good. Unfortunately, I've been sitting on them ever since. I'd rather not keep them in a closet anymore so I'm hoping to sell them. Problem being I don't know how much to ask for. Seen them on eBay for as much as $350. Find that number to be ridiculous. Anyone have any ideas or good websites you'd trust in pricing out older clubs. It's a full iron set 3-pw
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