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  1. Sadly, I have to backout this year. Thanks for keeping this going @STUDque!
  2. Interesting. That wasnt clear in the article, so I appreciate you pointing it out. So would one trackman session suffice for the season - assuming your swing/gear doesn't change? Once loaded into the app, I would think it would be great to utilize, but it still begs the question of what a fully data-loaded R1 would do compared to an Arccos, or Shotscope...
  3. Hey Michael! Thanks for participating in our AMA! What do you see as the top-end for swing speed? Can SS reach a max speed for a tuned athlete? Will the program lose it's efficacy beyond helping maintain that speed? I know we have a few members who consistently swing 120mph+ so what can SS do for those golfers? Thanks!
  4. MGS just published a new article about the Precision Pro R1 and it's new MyScope functionality. This looks very useful - in practice - and could be a poor mans launch monitor if it lives up to they hype. https://mygolfspy.com/precision-pro-r1-the-deep-data-driven-myslope-algorithm/ Before we get too far, though, I wanted to ask you all your thoughts about MyScope vs other personal launch monitors (Rapsodo/Mevo) vs Arccos/Shotscope. When do you think one is better than the other? When would a combination of tools benefit a golfer? And lastly, who is currently he king of the hill for a "do it 'most'" device for the average user? Note that I'm trying to keep the recommendations under the ~$500 mark to keep the comparisons similar, because we're not all rocking a Trackman or Quad on every shot, haha!
  5. Had the same question about the 790 vs. the 770. Didn't have time to swing side-by-side, so unsure. I would think that the 770 is more like the T100/s, though, based on the construction characteristics.
  6. Wasn't able to try out the Apex, however the P790 was almost identical in feel and distance...a little wider dispersion that the T200's, though, however it didn't have the same shaft/grip combo so it would have been a tight contest between those two with the same setup. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with the T200 or the P790. Edit: one thing I forgot to mention was the spin rates. the P790 was a touch longer, on average, than the T200, however it had less spin. So, it's really up to you and what matters most for your game - the ability for the ball to grab a green, or those extra yards?
  7. TESTERS WANTED (4) - INTL WELCOME The Maxfli Tour/Tour X are arguably the most underrated premium golf balls on the market. Our resident ball expert, Tony Covey, asserts , "The bottom line is that Maxfli Tour absolutely belongs in the conversation with the leading direct-to-consumer balls on the market and there’s a strong argument to be made that it’s one of the most consistent balls that doesn’t have a Titleist logo on it. For golfers looking to save a few bucks, the Maxfli Tour is an exceptional offering." With all of that said, we'd like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers. We're looking for 4 dedicated testers to try out the offering from Maxfli and see if Tony is on the mark, or blowing smoke. This test is also open to our INTL members! Please Welcome Our Testers! @ST3LTR0 @Londo @Alf. S @ChitownM2
  8. Went to the range today and was able to borrow the shop's Trackman! First, huge shout to Mulligan's Golf Shop for letting me bum their Trackman for this test, and to Jay for helping come up with some fun clubs to test. These guys seriously rock and if you're in VA, definitely worth stopping by to check out the gear and have a great conversation. In fact, they just received a Cameron Triple Black the day I was there! It was a rainy afternoon, but thankfully the covered decks made it a non-issue Titleist ready for action! Two main takeaways before we get into the data. 1) Get FIT! The difference I was having with demo clubs "close" to my fitting specs vs. the clubs actually fit for me was pretty astounding. 2) Seriously, GET FIT On to the Data! Legend: Blue = Titleist T200 - DG Tour Issue X100 shaft Red = Wilson D7 - KBS Tour 105 Purple = Mizuno 921 Forged - DG X100 Light Green = Srixon ZX5 - Nippon Modus 120 S Grey = TaylorMade - 790 KBS Tour 130 X Dark Green was a smattering of random shots from all the clubs -------- Individual Iron Data - note the Avg in the corner of each box: TaylorMade P790 Titleist T200 Srixon ZX5 Mizuno 921 Forged Wilson D7 ------- Testing Notes Closest iron to the Titleist T200 is the P790 - with out a doubt. The weight, construction, feel, just everything about it was so similar to the T200 that it was uncanny. Even the ball flight was very similar to the T200. If I had to replace my T200s today, the P790's would be my next choice. Outside of the P790, the Mizuno was second. A bit head heavy, but had a nice crisp feel to it when striking the ball. The Mizuno also had the tightest dispersion (in purple) and I think with the right grip/shaft it might has been a solid contender. The Srixon was just too light, so my strikes were a bit all over the place. Widest dispersion and most mis-hits. Sill felt nice, though, and I think if I had the right shaft/grip combo it would have been better. The Wilson shined in what it does best - low spin, long carry. If you have trouble getting the ball up and out, this is still a great choice for you. It's not for my game anymore and the turf interaction and weight just amplified my swing speed effects. It did have the longest distance, though... Feel free to ask any questions you wish and I'll do my best to answer!
  9. Spin has been solid. More so than my D7's, which is probably on purpose given the T200 is built for a different player and one who doesn't need more distance and height - on average - than a D7 player. So, with that in mind, I would say, very unscientifically, that the spin has been good and still producing solid ball flight with good stopping power. One other thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post - I got time with the trackman this coming Wednesday! What are some other irons you guys would like to see the T200 compared again? I'll take my best 5 shots from each to get a good idea of performance from iron to iron. Maybe the new P790's? What about the ZX5? Welcome any thoughts!
  10. Another Range session in the books with the T200's and they are continuing to prove their worth in accuracy and distance! Also, one note that maybe @MDGolfHackermight agree with - Whenever I hit it a touch thin, I get instant audible feedback rom the club, due to what I think is the "cap" on the back covering up the innards. There is a kind of metallic "clack" sound if I am a little, to a lot thin. Case in point, I missed a couple grooves and definitely heard it...onetime I picked me head up and topped it bad and also heard the sound. Kind of interesting and not an annoyance...just a note of feedback for those in the market for T200's.
  11. Another range session in the books, this time off mats. One shot I have struggled with mightily is the 95-105 approach shot. My game just wouldn't allow it. 85 and in, no problem, 125 and out, also good to go. Rarely found myself at 115, so moving on. Spent about 75 balls with just the T200 PW and a 50-60% swing motion and was drilling the 98yd flag on the range to within 10-15 feet, almost every time. The effortless ball flight, the ease of launching it, the crisp sound, the feel in hand, and the repeated accuracy are just sublime. Well done Titleist!
  12. Went to the range yesterday and had a great session. I was +/- 5yd off my aiming line with almost every shot (few shanks...but I mean hey, even the pros shank the balls in tournaments from time to time). Really liking the improved accuracy and consistency these irons are providing. Hoping to get some time with a Trackman next week. Any irons you guys think I should compare the T200's to? Mizuno's come to mind and maybe the Ping G425's, or would the i59's be a better comparison - maybe the 59's stack up better with the 100s? Welcome all your suggestions that a typical shop would have in their fitting carts!
  13. That's the point of contention. Titleist measures from a different point vs many of the other OEMs. Can't find what point they use vs others, but that's what my fitter told me and it looks like it's holding true. Could be top of hosel vs top of club or something like that
  14. I definitely wanted to called out the sizing with Titleist. They are NOT the same as other OEM's. Case in point, take a look at the pics below: Both clubs are the same length, however the Wilson's are measured @ +.50" per the specs I submitted, while the Titleist irons are +1.25" So, for those who might be placing an order without a proper fitting, keep that in mind!
  15. Was alerted that this same issue cropped up again with the latest send on 9/15. Contacted Dev again last night to troubleshoot the causes and find a solution. I'll revert back to a more mundane and all encompassing SL in the meantime. Appreciate you guys bearing with us while we get these issues sorted. Progress is never easy, haha.
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