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  1. 2 hours ago, cnosil said:

    It is my understanding that you would need MYSLOPE and a launch monitor.  You get your data from your launch monitor and enter your data.   The MYSLOPE app then gathers all the known weather information about the shot your face on the course and computes what club you should hit based on your launch parameters and launch parameters capture from other people’s sessions on trackman.  I don’t see anyhthing about the R1 capturing the data about your performance.  

    I think what it does is very educational as it helps a player understand how to make appropriate club adjustments based weather conditions.   

    Interesting. That wasnt clear in the article, so I appreciate you pointing it out. 

    So would one trackman session suffice for the season - assuming your swing/gear doesn't change? Once loaded into the app, I would think it would be great to utilize, but it still begs the question of what a fully data-loaded R1 would do compared to an Arccos, or Shotscope...


  2. MGS just published a new article about the Precision Pro R1 and it's new MyScope functionality. This looks very useful - in practice - and could be a poor mans launch monitor if it lives up to they hype.



    Before we get too far, though, I wanted to ask you all your thoughts about MyScope vs other personal launch monitors (Rapsodo/Mevo) vs Arccos/Shotscope. When do you think one is better than the other? When would a combination of tools benefit a golfer? And lastly, who is currently he king of the hill for a "do it 'most'" device for the average user? Note that I'm trying to keep the recommendations under the ~$500 mark to keep the comparisons similar, because we're not all rocking a Trackman or Quad on every shot, haha!


  3. Alright @edingc - spoke with our Dev and what is happening is that the Newsletter has certain parameters set - min # of replies to a post in X days sorta thing - and they are changing from the time I set the new Subject Line to the time the email is actually sent. 

    So, in your pic above, Sub70 was a topic in the pre-distro email I received the morning of the send...however, it looks like it was overwritten by another thread that was a better fit for the criteria and the Sub70 thread was dropped. I asked if there's a way to combat that, but unfortunately it will happen from time to time. I'll continue to fiddle with the Newsletter module and see if I can find a better solution so poor member experiences like you noted above do not happen anymore. 

    Just know that I'm not trying to create click-bait titles to boost our stats!

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  4. 16 hours ago, edingc said:

    The recent "daily digest" emails that have been going out from the forums have a bug. The subject of the emails is the title of a forum thread, but the actual thread isn't actually linked within the body of the email.


    Huh, that is interesting...the SL's are pulled directly from the pre-distro/preview email I receive the morning of the newsletter send. Only thing I can figure is if the content is personalized to each recipient, in which case I need to rethink my strategy and use of the tool! I'll check with the Dev of this module and see if I can figure out more details. 

    Appreciate you bringing this to my attention!

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  5. Hey Bruce, 

    Thanks for participating in our AMA! I noticed that your clubs are modular, so based on current prices can you expand on the long term price difference between owning one of your clubs and changing the face as it wears out vs. buying a whole new competitor club when that face wears out? When do you think an average consumer would "break-even" with this model? 

    Additionally, can you expand on the design philosophy? Is it function over fashion? 


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  6. 2 hours ago, Peaksy68 said:

    @GolfSpy_APH @GolfSpy_THV Just posted another comment in the Sub70 driver thread. Last comment I could see was by Bens197, which was the last one when I commented on Saturday. After posting a comment, I could see about 10-15 new comments after Bens (not including my comment from Saturday. 

    Now for the weird bit. When I went back to check Bens full name, his was the last visible comment again.

    I commented again and took a screenshot while in the thread and after leaving and going back into it to demonstrate. 

    After comment



    After going back into thread




    That is screwy for sure. We'll have our Dev investigate and thank you for providing screengrabs. These are immensely helpful when trying to convey any issue since explaining it, even on video chat, is a bit confusing.

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  7. 5 hours ago, ejgaudette said:

    That was my first thought, I feel like True Golf Fit at $9 is around the sweet spot, for a one time recommendation so its not clear if that is a one time fee to pay or you pay it for each time you go through it.

    give's you 24hr access only...$40 for 24hrs does NOT seem like a good deal to me. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    10th in strokes gained putting last year and 14th  in 2021 indicates he is a good putter.   Cantlay was 58th and 27th during the same periods.  What you were seeing is that PGA players don’t make every putt they hit and as you get out past 6 feet they start to miss.  

    well TIL! Thanks for the info @cnosil. I thought that was more of a major weakness in his game after watching him a few times this year, but just seems like Cantlay's putter was on fire yesterday and Bryson's was not...simple as that! 


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  9. 1 hour ago, LICC said:


    As much as I don't like Bryson, I agree with him on this one. When the person you are playing with is over the ball, stop moving.

    Agree with you. Just stand still...

    However, the media playing it up like it was some sorta "diss" really feels like them grasping at straws. We all know Bryson isn't the best putter and it was on display multiple times during the playoff. 

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  10. 17 hours ago, HeathS16 said:

    My favorite are the ones that have an "X" button and but still won't disappear when I click it. Frustrating, but I get why the ads are here. 

    I'm right there with you and have alerted our contact at HQ about the issue. I thought it was resolved as the ads went away, but now they are back! I've already sent a followup note about the glitch. 

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  11. 10 hours ago, Peaksy68 said:

    Probably my main issue is that the “Like/Retweet to test” is absolutely not true. When you click on the link it doesn’t take you to the forum, but to the article on the main site. Then “apply now” which takes you to the testing forum, not the main forum. 

    Other than revenue, I can’t see it driving forum growth if people don’t even see the forum.

    Seeing as @GolfSpy_X started My Golf Spy to combat inaccuracies in golf industry claims, perhaps @GolfSpy_THV or someone from the blog site could explain why the SM posts are worded this way when it clearly isn’t accurate.

    Truth be told, we don't handle, control, or am even advised of the language they use on the SM posts. They are kind enough to provide extra awareness for the member testing, but beyond that it's more or less a one way street. However, to your point, I will have a word with the SM manager to make sure it's a bit more clear what people actually need to do to sign up for the test - even if that means they still go through the blog page to boost views. 

    Appreciate you pointing this out @Peaksy68!

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  12. 6 hours ago, Tsecor said:

    lol...yea i definitely need to work out my issues on this...i am totally skepticle  

    I would love to see iron fitting start with the wedge, just like the ball. Marry up the two throughout the entire process. I understand the split at the 6/7 iron but i think that is all the more reason to treat fittings much differently.  I was told i should play the same shaft with both sides of the split.....why do a fitting then if you just assume the same shaft is optima throughout the bag.....unles its a utility...makes no sense to me..... i would think a different shaft in the 4-5-6 irons could be very different than the 7-PW set up....maybe not but i was told I should keep them the same...


    Doubt many shops would have enough test irons in their cart to fit you for each one. I'm fortunate enough to have a highly respected fitter in my area, but even he only gets certain irons from OEM's to build out the testing cart each season. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, cnosil said:

    1. Yes, a SC counterfeit putter was tested against an authentic SC as an MGS test.  I was one of the testers.   Unless you held them side by side you wouldn’t really be able to tell which was which 


    2.  As DJ responded when asked if ever hits a draw with a driver.   No, never, not on purpose. 
    here is the video for those interested: https://www.facebook.com/GOLFTV/videos/505595657106815/?comment_id=941304303369596

    3.  The implications are huge.  People are potentially buying and selling clubs that are counterfeit.   Everything in the golf space has been counterfeited….grips, shafts, head covers, clubs.  This is a multi million dollar industry for the counterfeiters and the consumer is the one who gets screwed as the are out money and potentially have no product.  

    This just gives people an extra excuse for their poor performance, "yeah, that shank into the woods was because it's a counterfeit driver...not me!" 🤣 

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  14. 16 minutes ago, ChitownM2 said:

    Had to come back to this thread when I got an email from MGS this morning announcing Callaway's new $400 hybrid!!!!!  Here I was thinking that $270 hybrids to replace $165 (high end) irons were ridiculous.  This hybrid is almost as expensive as Cobra's driver!

    Lots of good comments on this thread! One thing that I didn't see mentioned is the increased demand for golf equipment. If demand is there, OEM's will charge what they can to maximize profits...like $400 for a hybrid. Throw in the supply shortages and we have the classic economics 101 model. 

    Do I think that production costs have gone up? Probably not, as @caeye0710noted the increase in automation will keep production costs relatively flat YoY, so then you have materials costs, which have gone up for the same supply/demand reasons. Other costs you guys didn't mention would be R&D costs that will increase since you need qualified employees to design, test, and build the new clubs and they need a pay increase each year to keep with inflation. And then lastly you have the marketing budget, which, coming from a guy in marketing for a large corp, doesn't go down over time, haha! Those ad spots get more and more expensive every year! 

    With all of that said, do I think it's appropriate to pay $400 for a hybrid? Heck no! The last piece of "new" equipment I purchased was a prior gen G410, right before the G425 came out. Unless the hybrid guarantees I hit it 225+ and it's always in the fairway, I'll pass and get last gen model if I need a new one, but as the saying goes - a fool and his money are soon parted 😆

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  15. Echoing lots of other members thoughts, I also decided a couple years ago - regardless of my mediocre handicap - that a solid ball that could handle my SS would be appropriate, eliminate variables, and create more consistency. However, I couldn't justify the cost of a ProV ball since I am still loosing 2-3 per round.

    I ended up going with Srixon Z-Star and looking for discounted versions, like buying a 2019/2020 version today, because I highly doubt the slight improvements in model years would greatly impact my game as long as I'm sticking with the same OEM and understand how it will perform. The base performance is there, solid compression #'s, and it's slightly cheaper at ~$30-35/dz so it get's the job done for me. Might check out the Maxfli Tour's as well since those are the about the same specs but a little bit better performance based on Ball Lab #'s

    Honestly, waiting on the new Ball Test stats to come out before I look at any other models!

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  16. 2 hours ago, cnosil said:

    One more week of waiting



    Oh man!!! @cnosilwith the insider information 😉 Getting pumped for all the test scenarios they ran and the results! If they tell me a water-logged ball performs just as well, you better believe I'll be that guy with my giant ball retriever out by the lake, lol!

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  17. 5 hours ago, Shankster said:

    Good to know.  I’m around the same speed, and was wondering about going to an X shaft in the irons, yeah, yeah… fitting. I like butter knives.  A slice of bread on the DI would be ok… but I can’t do a full loaf, not even 2 slices.

    so, what was the club doing since you are overpowering it?  


    Yeah, mainly it caused the face to overflex and took away the benefits of it's construction and forgiveness that was built in. Think about it this way, you ever see a double bounce on a trampoline? Regular bouncing is controlled and tends to force jumpers into the center of the trampoline, a double bounce, though, causes chaos and sends the jumper in any number of random directions. That's what my speed was causing on the D7, so the consistency and forgiveness were negated a bit, ultimately impacting my score and enjoyment of the game because I never knew how far or the exact direction the ball would fly. I would hit a 7i and it would go 195yds one time and 175yds the next time. You can imagine how fun that was...

    If your 7i swing speed is about the same, maybe give the X a try as long as the heft doesn't bother you too much. I found it tightened up my dispersion a lot and created more consistency with my ball flight over a stiff shaft. 

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  18. 4 minutes ago, rbsiedsc said:

    Do you think the 100s could blend well with the 200 long irons? I presume so looking loft for loft. 

    Yeah, I definitely could see a blended set of 3/4-6/7 in T200 and 7/8-W in a T100 based on swing type. Do note that that the T100 is a more "traditional" loft so the gap from the T200 clubs to the T100 will be larger than normal. If you want to keep gaps more consistent across your whole set, the T100S would be a better bet and with a touch more forgiveness than the T100.

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  19. 1 hour ago, Shankster said:

    How is the size comparison from the T100S to the T200?  

    Great question! So if the T100/s is a butter knife - which they really are, even with the polymer cavity on the S version, it's still pretty "knifey" - I would say the T200 is like a slice of bread and the T300 is about half a loaf. My current D7's are a full loaf, lol! I'll see if I have time to grab a side-by-side comparison to share with you guys so you can look at all the soles. 

    Funny enough, I finally figured out why my shots are so wonky sometimes with the D7, even though they are an SGI iron and should always be pretty darn straight and fly high - i'm overpowering the club! With a 95mph 7i swing speed, I'm causing the club face to react in ways it wasn't designed for and I got the same results with the T300. They flew too high and my dispersion was a bit wide compared with the T200, which is more suited for a player like me - higher swing speed, but consistency issues and needs added forgiveness. I have a feeling the T200 will be a big seller!

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  20. Local shop already had these for testing last week...so, of course I had to do a fitting!


    Tried out the T100s, T200, and T300. Hit all of them about the same distance. T300 was definitely higher flying than the other two and dispersion was tightest with the T200 since it's a bit more forgiving that the T100s. Used a Trackman for all data points and spin was also lowest for me with the T200 @ 95mph swing speed. 

    Overall, I was fit into the T200 w/ x100 shafts, midsize grips, and +1.25" length. Note about length - Titleist tends to run a touch shorter than other OEMs, so keep that in mind and get a proper fitting!

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