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  1. Well I'll be...found this interesting article on ESPN today talking about "Golf's not-so-secret fascination with CBD oil" https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/27147006/golf-not-secret-fascination-cbd-oil
  2. 100% this! I'm a big man - 6'4" 240lbs, so clearly a runners bod - anyway, I hated running and stuck to other gym exercises, mainly a lot of strength training. Then one day I went out and ran 2mi in 14:57 and thought "dang, this is pretty fun when you can put up respectable times!" I'm down to 2mi in 14:47 now and pretty proud of my new running achievements. My ultimate goal is 10k in sub-50min next April. Podcast help a lot, too. Keeps my mind off the actual running part. haha
  3. JS / Virginia 15hdcp Current Wedges are a mix of ZTour PW *50, ZTour SW *54, and Ping Zing 2 LW *58 Love to take my LW and flop it from about 15-20yrds out and have it stop on a dime
  4. I'm in the same boat as OP and don't think my game requires the top-of-the-line ball yet...nor does my wallet with the amount I shank into the woods. Might try out the Q-Star Tour with the deal you mentioned. Thanks for letting us know it's still valid!
  5. Nice work! Looks well done with crisp colors and easily readable letters. I give it a
  6. 100% with you guys on this. The stigma's are old and bunked . If you try an oil and it doesn't work or makes you feel "weird," then move on. Doesn't mean anyone should be a teetotaler about the issue and put their head in the sand - lest we also say no beers on the course as well
  7. I think that's the best we could go for - anecdotal evidence. Completely understand where you're coming from @GolfSpy Stroker. Not saying it's a bad idea, just one that needs a lot of "*" in the findings,"this worked for us, and it might* work for you guys too" Best of luck!
  8. Second @PMookie on the CBD testing. Plus, the OTC stuff is so wildly unregulated you could get different bases (hemp vs actual MJ), strains inside those bases, and different potencies. Plus, considering that people's genetics are all unique, one person could be knocked on their rear by one drop and the other feels absolutely nothing. It's certainly an interesting topic, but best left to the pros to test. If you guys want to review some products, that's a different story, but again effects can vary wildly...
  9. Nope, the main one has already been asked: how they stack up to Mizuno. Looking forward to the updates!
  10. This looks great and looking forward to the full review, @Shankster!
  11. My Ping Eye2 #3 & #5 Persimmon FW from about 1983. Hand me downs from my father that at one time I could crush over 270yds in my heyday. The #3 was my tee-off club for a long time and still use about 5-6times a round when I need better accuracy off the tee.
  12. I like the form factor of a poker chips in my pocket when walking around the course because they are slim and lightweight. However, they have no place in the green which is why I like the chips with a removable ball marker in the center. Something like these: https://www.chipsandgames.com/customballmarkerswithmagneticpokerchips.aspx
  13. JS Virginia 15 Recently was given a set of Taylor Made R11's which was a step up from my no-name clubs from 1998. At the range, I was hitting the 7i about 170yds. Haven't played a round with them yet, though...
  14. 1. JS / Richmond, VA 2. Eloise, 6 3. Does the Little Tikes set count? 4. Profile JGI Red/Small Carry Set 5. Fun fact about your Junior - late to the golf game, but can now beat her old man at Putt Putt - her lowest score is an 11 on our local 10 hole course!
  15. Been playing since I was 6 with my dad, but not seriously until I was 14 - so about 22yrs now. Currently a 16 handicap, so upper 80's, low 90's for normal scores It's never the same twice - plus being outside is a plus MGS is the best site out there Richmond, VA - Richmond Country Club Best - We have Kinloch, Worst - we have a lot of clay, so hard turf is common Marketing for hotels I'm a UNC grad and drive a Volvo, seems pretty self-explanatory Anyone in the central VA area that want's to play some crappy courses, let me know!
  16. Just downloaded the Grint on Android and truly love the app! Tried a few others before this, but the courses were spotty and since I play crappy courses in my area the Grint was able to deliver! So far, i've noticed that my GPS is about +/- 5yds from a buddies scope, but still close enough for my high handicap. 3 rounds in and looking good so far.
  17. JS/Richmond, VA Sprinkler heads and yardage markers, plus good old pacing to my ball get's me relatively close
  18. Hey @JohnSmalls, great question. Wasn't sure if this was the right place to dive into the comparison of D7 vs. others out there. I should note that the Wilson D7 really falls into the "Super Game Improvement" category and the others I tried are in the "Game Improvement" category - which fits my needs a little better given swing speed (relatively fast) and motion (about 75% consistent). However, I do still suffer from mishits as noted above, which is where the Wilson D7 really shined. So let's get to it! Clubs I also tried on the demo day in addition to the Wilson D7 include: Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro Callaway Rouge Srixon Z585 TaylorMade M5 Ran out of time before I had a chance to try the Cobra's, but I'll head to Golf Galaxy and update this post when I get an opportunity. Distance Compared to the D7, distances were all about the same for me, hovering in the 170-180yd range on well struck balls. A few that I really got after might have approached 190+ with roll. This is probably the max limitation of most 7i out there. Point being, they all fly equally well when hit solid. I will say that the JPX 919 gave the straightest flight of any club I hit, when hit well. Here are a few notes on each club: Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro - truest flight when well stuck, higher apex than most, solid roll after landing, ~180yds Callaway Rouge - lower apex, gave me a slight draw on well struck balls, odd roll characteristics that were hard to predict, ~165yds Srixon Z585 - Medium apex, medium roll, gave more options to "shape" my shot, though, which could be very fun as my game improves, ~170-175yds TaylorMade M5 - Highest apex for me, short roll, strong flight characteristics, hard to shape shots, though, ~165yds Wilson D7 - Lower apex than my current 7i, can still shape shots a tiny bit, gave me a "lazy draw" with most shots, ~170-175yds Mishits All irons I hit had larger faces, stronger perimeter weighting, and slightly more offset than my current 7i. These characteristics all helped when I didn't quite get a center hit. All irons, except the Callaway, reigned me in to the "fairway" and proved admirably on distance. Few notes for each: Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro - You can definitely "feel" when it's hit well, so the feedback is immediate when you get a mishit - which, as an aside, might mess with your head in the middle of a round...just saying. With that said, mishits still flew well, would be within a 40-50yrd range Left/Right, and all went about ~150yds for me. Callaway Rouge - This was an anomaly for me...Mishits, while better than my current 7i, were about 90+yards range Left/Right and flew maybe 90yds. Could be I was misfitted for this club, so i'd be willing to try it again. Srixon Z585 - Mishits and well struck felt about the same to my hands, and would all be easily findable on most courses, ~140yds TaylorMade M5 - The high apex worked well here as most of the mishit energy went "up" instead of Left/Right. Tightest range among the clubs I hit, about 30yds Left/Right, and still flew well, ~130+yds - basically, it gave the best "playable" shot even when after you hit it on the toe Wilson D7 - Second in terms of range Left/Right with mishits, about 35yrds, solid flight, ~145yds Feel I'll jump right in here: Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro - When well struck, feels sublime - truly amazing how they have crafted this club to give you instantaneous feedback and plaster a grin on your face. Sound was average among all clubs. Callaway Rouge - Nicer sound when well struck, felt about average, but as I mentioned above, I think I was misfit for this club and need to give it another try to get a better feel for it Srixon Z585 - Solid feel when well struck, no complaints TaylorMade M5 - Solid feel as well, no complaints Wilson D7 - This has a larger head/sole than the others, so the feel was a little more clunky for my swing. Once I got the hang of it, though, the sound and feel were comparable to the other irons and I would feel confident swinging these on the course. Dispersion I touched on this with the Mishit notes above, so I'll stick to only the "well stuck" balls and their groupings. Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro - tight grouping, probably the tightest of all clubs I hit. When well struck, it was maybe 5yrds, and that's an over-estimation to be fair to the others. Callaway Rouge - Widest of the group, probably 15+yds Srixon Z585 - Second tightest, about 8yds TaylorMade M5 - Not sure if the high apex gets affected by the wind/weather conditions more, but this was second worst for me, shot dispersion about 12-ish yds Wilson D7 - Solidly middle of the pack, about 10yds. Very pleased with the dispersion Value & Overall This can be a bit subjective, so i'm going to only compare retail prices for a 4-PW set and give you my overall thoughts. Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro - $999 right now, however the value of these is still very high given the distance, mishit characteristics, tight dispersion, and the feel - I can't stress the feel enough with these. I'd say #2 in value, #1 overall Callaway Rouge - $699 right now, so a solid value compared to the others here, but they just didn't perform for me. I'd say #3 in value, #5 overall Srixon Z585 - $999 right now, is this just the price point these days? Bit disappointing that some many manufacturers are charging this much given the competition, but they performed very well in my hands, so #4 in value, #3 overall TaylorMade M5 - $999 right now, again with the steeper price tag and average performance compared to the others testes, so #5 in value, #4 overall Wilson D7 - $599 right now - these are the value kings given the characteristics they deliver compared to the pricier sets. Definitely #1 in value and #2 overall given that value...it was tough and almost a tie between these and the Z585's, but $400 bucks in my pocket for new wedges or driver allows me to get a new complete set for the price of the Srixons and that does matter at the end of the day. Hope this helps and would recommend you guys give these clubs a try yourselves. All very fun to hit and not a "bad" iron in the group.
  19. Thanks Wedgie! As a new guy around here I appreciate the feedback
  20. I also recently picked up a pair and have been raving to all my buddies about them. Incredibly comfortable, stable, great traction, fully waterproof, and easy to clean. In hindsight, I would have gotten the darker colors to not have to worry about mud as much, but the store only had white.
  21. 1. JS Smith, -16 2. 6/6, Mulligans Golf Shop, Richmond, VA 3. The experience and review! Distance has not been an issue of late (7i ~165+yrds w/ current clubs), however mishits and shot dispersion are. After checking out the online reviews from other MGS posters, and the proximity of the event, I wanted to give these clubs a try. As others have noted, the sign-up was very simple - however, one glitch I had was never receiving a confirmation email. Thankfully the rep emailed me the day before to confirm everything. The day of the event, I headed out to Mulligans/Bogey's Sports park - it's a driving range, putt putt, and batting cage complex west of Richmond, VA. No, there are not cow's roaming the driving range, as the hay bales in the background of the above photo might indicate, haha! Unbeknownst to me, this was a full demo day for Mulligan's with a number of reps on site besides Wilson - Srixon, Cleveland, Tour Edge, Mizuno, Cobra, Callaway, and Taylor Made all had tent's setup with ample clubs to try. This was a heck of an opportunity to put the D7 up against the best from a number of brands! Met Mark, the Wilson rep, and we talked about my dispersion and mishit issues. After warming up a bit with my current 7i, we both agreed that height and distance were not an issue, but that the D7 might be able to keep me in the fairway more often and give equal or slightly greater distance with less swing speed - a welcome relief in the dogs days of summer when you're sweaty and tired on #16 and trying to bring it home. The D7 definitely delivered with it's speed tech and larger face. A few things that really stood out to me from my current 7i are: Mishits (toe, heel, wherever) still kept me on the fairway and would say dispersion decreased about -20% over my current club Mishits still delivered ~120-130yrds, whereas my current clubs would put me 40yrds downrange and 10yrds deep in the woods Distance was as equal if not slightly greater. I'd say a +10-15yrds when struck well, so I was averaging about 175+yrds. When I slowed down my swing just a touch, I was still getting 160+yrds with most hits. Feel was much nicer than my knockoff tour CB's. Contact was solid, the sound was pleasant, and the perimeter weighting really helped with control and follow-through We played around with shafts and found that a KBS Tour 80 Stiff +1" really maximized distance, helped with control, decreased dispersion, and increased consistency of swing motion. A comparison shot of both clubs is below - unfortunately my phone was acting up and didn't get a sole comparison shot. I tried a few other clubs from other vendors, particularly the new JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro's - recent 2019 MGS champ, and my shots were comparable with all sets in the Game Improvement class. The JPX 919's did feel a bit better when well struck - some sorta black magic in that club that makes you grin when you crank one out there... When you factor in the price difference, though, the Wilson D7's become a lot more attractive given the overall similarities that the other sets delivered for me. I would certainly consider these clubs for a future purchase and would like to play a few rounds with them to understand their performance and limitations they could deliver for my game! Mark, the rep that day, also gave me a nice D7 hat and couple ball sleeves since I was the only one who had "officially" signed up through the website. By the time I left, though, there were 2 other people hitting the D7 with similar success.
  22. JS/VA 16 Does a cup on a hardwood floor count? Otherwise, no, but definitely need help cutting down the dreaded 3-putts I have...
  23. Alright, sat down and finally knocked this project outlast night, and then had to do some touch-up work when I got back to the house this evening as well. I won't go into as much detail as the other two builds since they lay out the cost and materials quite well - i'll just note any advice I might be able to provide and where my materials differed slightly. This is all based off of @JonMUSC08 nicely detailed build above. For starters, I was able to secure a pulled driver shaft w/ grip from my local range shop for $8 - it's a Diamana S+ S-Flex w/ Golfpride grip. The only other major difference from other builds was that I used a #10-24 threaded rod as the insert since that's what would fit in the tip without modification. I now have plenty of threaded rod for more sets... Lastly, before the build begins, I used the 5/16 x 1-1/2" washers since those weighed the most (yes, I took my scale to HD and weighed 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 washers, all 1-1/2" dia). Believe they are thicker than the others, hence the added weight. On To The Build! First, I measured out how many washers I would need to get close to the final weights based on SuperSpeed's club weight specs. Based off a 330g driver, I measured out: 10 Washers (-20%) 13 Washers (-10%) 17 Washers (+5%) The initial weights, plus shaft/grip are below. Next, gathered up supplies and headed outside to cut the threaded rod and run a dry test fit. Ended up cutting the threaded rod @ 6.25" After rod was cut, I used the largest weight set, with both wing nuts in place to determine how much of the rod needed to stick out and how much could be epoxied inside the shaft. Marked the distance with a sharpie and epoxied rod into the shaft. I used a quick-set epoxy and worked in small batches to keep waste and mess to a minimum. Next, I epoxied the weight sets together. Note: The best method here is to use a gloved finger and just a little dab of epoxy on each washer. My first attempt, I used the supplied wooden stick and it failed miserably - way to much epoxy on each washer caused stability and drying issues as the washers kept sliding around due to how much epoxy was in between each washer. Just Use Your Finger! After that, I was lazy and used some string I had in the shop for the Plasti-Dip. This was a mistake. In the drying process, the string stuck to the Plasti Dip and ripped off pieces of it when trying to remove the string, causing me to re-dip. Next go round I made quick little drying tines with some nails and scrap board I had in the shop. This went far easier and even double dipped to give it a clean appearance and remove the tine marks. As for a dipping utensil, just a bent wire hanger. Once the Plasti dip dried, I re-checked the total weight of each set. -20% was -1g under, -10% was +3g over, and +5% was +5g over. So maybe don't double dip weights that are already close to spec... Recap: Cut threaded rod ~6", mark distance into shaft with dry fit Weigh shaft, rod, wingnuts Make washer weight stacks with shaft, rod, and wingnuts on scale to get total weight for each set - 10 for light(green), 13 for medium(blue), 17 for heavy(red) Epoxy threaded rod into shaft up to your previous mark - while that cures... Epoxy washer weight stacks together USING A GLOVED FINGER to spread epoxy - once the stacks are cured... Dip washer weight stacks into plasti dip with wire hanger - You can fine tune the weights here if your initial stack was a little off with 1 to as many dips as needed. Set each dipped weight stack on a drying rack - screws/nail points in a board or cardboard support are easiest. Going to start the protocol this weekend. Oh, and SuperSpeed is kind enough to let you download their entire program Level 1-5, here.
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