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  1. well TIL! Thanks for the info @cnosil. I thought that was more of a major weakness in his game after watching him a few times this year, but just seems like Cantlay's putter was on fire yesterday and Bryson's was not...simple as that!
  2. Agree with you. Just stand still... However, the media playing it up like it was some sorta "diss" really feels like them grasping at straws. We all know Bryson isn't the best putter and it was on display multiple times during the playoff.
  3. I'm right there with you and have alerted our contact at HQ about the issue. I thought it was resolved as the ads went away, but now they are back! I've already sent a followup note about the glitch.
  4. Truth be told, we don't handle, control, or am even advised of the language they use on the SM posts. They are kind enough to provide extra awareness for the member testing, but beyond that it's more or less a one way street. However, to your point, I will have a word with the SM manager to make sure it's a bit more clear what people actually need to do to sign up for the test - even if that means they still go through the blog page to boost views. Appreciate you pointing this out @Peaksy68!
  5. Doubt many shops would have enough test irons in their cart to fit you for each one. I'm fortunate enough to have a highly respected fitter in my area, but even he only gets certain irons from OEM's to build out the testing cart each season.
  6. This just gives people an extra excuse for their poor performance, "yeah, that shank into the woods was because it's a counterfeit driver...not me!"
  7. Lots of good comments on this thread! One thing that I didn't see mentioned is the increased demand for golf equipment. If demand is there, OEM's will charge what they can to maximize profits...like $400 for a hybrid. Throw in the supply shortages and we have the classic economics 101 model. Do I think that production costs have gone up? Probably not, as @caeye0710noted the increase in automation will keep production costs relatively flat YoY, so then you have materials costs, which have gone up for the same supply/demand reasons. Other costs you guys didn't mention would be R&D costs that will increase since you need qualified employees to design, test, and build the new clubs and they need a pay increase each year to keep with inflation. And then lastly you have the marketing budget, which, coming from a guy in marketing for a large corp, doesn't go down over time, haha! Those ad spots get more and more expensive every year! With all of that said, do I think it's appropriate to pay $400 for a hybrid? Heck no! The last piece of "new" equipment I purchased was a prior gen G410, right before the G425 came out. Unless the hybrid guarantees I hit it 225+ and it's always in the fairway, I'll pass and get last gen model if I need a new one, but as the saying goes - a fool and his money are soon parted
  8. Echoing lots of other members thoughts, I also decided a couple years ago - regardless of my mediocre handicap - that a solid ball that could handle my SS would be appropriate, eliminate variables, and create more consistency. However, I couldn't justify the cost of a ProV ball since I am still loosing 2-3 per round. I ended up going with Srixon Z-Star and looking for discounted versions, like buying a 2019/2020 version today, because I highly doubt the slight improvements in model years would greatly impact my game as long as I'm sticking with the same OEM and understand how it will perform. The base performance is there, solid compression #'s, and it's slightly cheaper at ~$30-35/dz so it get's the job done for me. Might check out the Maxfli Tour's as well since those are the about the same specs but a little bit better performance based on Ball Lab #'s Honestly, waiting on the new Ball Test stats to come out before I look at any other models!
  9. Yep...and it's odd because the problem is not persistent, as others have pointed out... I've got a call into our developer and they are looking in to it today...
  10. Oh man!!! @cnosilwith the insider information Getting pumped for all the test scenarios they ran and the results! If they tell me a water-logged ball performs just as well, you better believe I'll be that guy with my giant ball retriever out by the lake, lol!
  11. Yeah, mainly it caused the face to overflex and took away the benefits of it's construction and forgiveness that was built in. Think about it this way, you ever see a double bounce on a trampoline? Regular bouncing is controlled and tends to force jumpers into the center of the trampoline, a double bounce, though, causes chaos and sends the jumper in any number of random directions. That's what my speed was causing on the D7, so the consistency and forgiveness were negated a bit, ultimately impacting my score and enjoyment of the game because I never knew how far or the exact direction the ball would fly. I would hit a 7i and it would go 195yds one time and 175yds the next time. You can imagine how fun that was... If your 7i swing speed is about the same, maybe give the X a try as long as the heft doesn't bother you too much. I found it tightened up my dispersion a lot and created more consistency with my ball flight over a stiff shaft.
  12. Yeah, I definitely could see a blended set of 3/4-6/7 in T200 and 7/8-W in a T100 based on swing type. Do note that that the T100 is a more "traditional" loft so the gap from the T200 clubs to the T100 will be larger than normal. If you want to keep gaps more consistent across your whole set, the T100S would be a better bet and with a touch more forgiveness than the T100.
  13. Great question! So if the T100/s is a butter knife - which they really are, even with the polymer cavity on the S version, it's still pretty "knifey" - I would say the T200 is like a slice of bread and the T300 is about half a loaf. My current D7's are a full loaf, lol! I'll see if I have time to grab a side-by-side comparison to share with you guys so you can look at all the soles. Funny enough, I finally figured out why my shots are so wonky sometimes with the D7, even though they are an SGI iron and should always be pretty darn straight and fly high - i'm overpowering the club! With a 95mph 7i swing speed, I'm causing the club face to react in ways it wasn't designed for and I got the same results with the T300. They flew too high and my dispersion was a bit wide compared with the T200, which is more suited for a player like me - higher swing speed, but consistency issues and needs added forgiveness. I have a feeling the T200 will be a big seller!
  14. Local shop already had these for testing last week...so, of course I had to do a fitting! Tried out the T100s, T200, and T300. Hit all of them about the same distance. T300 was definitely higher flying than the other two and dispersion was tightest with the T200 since it's a bit more forgiving that the T100s. Used a Trackman for all data points and spin was also lowest for me with the T200 @ 95mph swing speed. Overall, I was fit into the T200 w/ x100 shafts, midsize grips, and +1.25" length. Note about length - Titleist tends to run a touch shorter than other OEMs, so keep that in mind and get a proper fitting!
  15. I might be able to shed some light on that one - the short answer is priorities. The longer answer is that the OEM's have decided to shift their priorities to other sites/forums, or to stop the marketing segment all together. Believe me when I say it's not for a lack of trying from our side! Rob used to hound the OEM's continually for test gear and some were 100% for it, and others were not or didn't understand the value prop. We'll continue to stay on TM, Mizuno, Callaway, and numerous others to ensure we bring you guys the best gear we can!
  16. In the PM thread, there are plenty of testers already talking about that, haha. Will be interesting since Ball A & B will be different for a lot of the testers. My understanding is that it will be a mix of AVX, ProV1, ProV1x, Left Dash, and a couple others. I have zero clue what each tester is going to get!
  17. Testers have been selected, balls have been shipped, but this test will be run a little differently. There is NO final review, so we wanted to create a thread for all the testers, and those interested, to follow along on their journey and detective work that might take place. Start posting your questions or thoughts!
  18. The 2021 MGS Ball Test is back!!! \ MGS Staff are heading to Arizona next week (July 12-16) for a full week of testing and there will be a LOT of fun interactions with the test team - videos, live chats, etc... More details will be posted here, but here's a quick teaser photo of Tony preparing for the test: Kidding @Tony Covey MGS Let's get pumped and start posting some questions/scenarios for the test team to consider!
  19. I know!!! I pushed to have them include INTL Grinters for this round, but no luck. Sorry guys!!!
  20. Welcome back MGS Fans and Grinters! We have a special contest this time tied to The Open - yes...THAT ONE! --- Our third stop on the Virtual Tour is THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP! This one will be a bit different. We need you all to: Comment below with a players name who you think will have the lowest round on Sunday...so, you know...they have to make the cut as well. You must post a comment with the players name by July 14th. Log a score/round in The Grint app - The event is already live in TheGrint and will be open for entries until July 17th. Same rules apply as before - one entry, select the event BEFORE you start your round (Note: you may enter your score after you play if you don't like having your phone on course on can't get a signal) US participants only - sorry INTL players!! PRIZES 1st Prize - Custom Wedge! We'll make this really snazzy with an engraving of a logo very similar to the one up top highlighting your victory and clear dominance over everyone else. It will most likely be a Titleist or Callaway, so be thinking of your choice! 2nd Prize - One year TheGrint Premium Membership ($40 value) 3rd Prize - One Year TheGrint Premium Membership ($40 Value) Let the smack talk BEGIN! --------- 1st Place - Correct Pick & Lowest Net Round - @CWilson216 2nd Place - @analyticandrew 3rd Place - @Larryw Congrats guys!! I'll send you a separate note for your prizes!
  21. WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!!!! 1st Place - @aspiringpro 2nd Place - Adam Gaskin 3rd Place - @Cattes15 Congrats to the winners...and sorry for the delay. I'll DM you all to get your info
  22. On the heels of @Golfspy_CG2 stepping down from his excellent moderator duties, we are fortunate to have a well regarded member join our moderator team. This member has been around the MGS forums for some time and is always lending a hand, posting thoughtful and thorough content, and destroyed more than a few dreams of a Golden Ticket with his excellent fantasy teams. Without further ado, I want to introduce @GolfSpy_APH - formerly Apolloshowl Welcome to the team, we're glad to have you!
  23. Hey Gang, After speaking with HQ, we decided to start a thread that they will monitor and comment on from time to time about all the equipment questions you might have for @Tony Covey MGS, The Nodwells, and even @GolfSpy_X. So, post all your questions here! Who knows, maybe your topic will be in a future No Putts Given episode!
  24. All, After a lengthy process - far too lengthy, and that's on me...regular job has been crushing me lately - we have decided on a new Mod and Content hunter. First, I wanted to thank all of the great applicants we had. There are truly some amazing individuals we have in our membership and reading over the applications was really impressive - the accomplishments, accolades, and skills that are possessed by our membership is what makes MGS such a special place! Second, this was a REALLY hard decisions and ultimately the current Mods and myself had to take a hard look at our current skills and deficiencies and select a candidate that filled in our current gaps. This does not mean the other applicants were not excellent, only that our current gaps required a different skillset that was only filled by two candidates Without further ado, our newest Moderator is ChasingSratch - now @GolfSpy_CS and our Content Hunter is TheChrisGibbs - now @GolfSpy_TCG. Welcome to the team and please post an intro for yourself!
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