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  1. Hey @hckymeyer, great question! It's under the "REVIEWS" menu tab, although we could adjust that and make it a stand alone item...i'm open to other ideas
  2. Let me see what options I have to set that up Good suggestion! *update: Since the new test section is not technically a "forum" there is no way to setup a "follow" for that section. However, the other mods and I will make sure post it as an announcement up top - when space allows - to alert everyone of the testing opportunities. This would be in addition to an email blast to all members and any support from MGS HQ with blogs, email, social support.
  3. Hey Guys, We just launched the new member testing section and if you find bugs or quirks, please add them here so I can address with our developer. Thanks and we hope you like the new feature!
  4. Unsure as I've never used Golfpad. I would imagine there are many similarities, but only contests on the Grint...
  5. We're working on that now and will keep everyone posted on the solution. It will NOT impact any rounds/entries that have already been entered, though!
  6. Hey @Crossroads Golf, check out the screen shots in the original post. Before you start your round, you need to assign it/tag it to the correct event in the Grint system. No social hashtags needed!
  7. A neat article showing a behind the scenes look with lots of photos of how they make and test the Titleist Pro V1 series. Check it out! https://www.golfaustralia.com.au/feature/behind-the-scenes-making-the-no1-ball-in-golf-563342
  8. I've got 3 and we searched high and low for the best non-minivan option. Ended up with a Volvo XC90 (I mean, I had to with my user name, right?) and it fits three across no problems - even the oldest can easily buckle in while the littlest has plenty of room for her carrier to lock in.
  9. Correct! The system will pull the most recent score entered for your account when the deadline arrives and since the metric is unknown, that could be a good or bad thing
  10. Must be 18-hole rounds to be considered a qualified entry. I've amended the original post to note that.
  11. Unfortunately, they must be a full 18-holes to be considered an "entry"
  12. I bet! How would you describe the sound? More like hitting a hollow brick, or tapping a bell?
  13. The moment you have all been waiting for! The new Titleist Pro V1x Ball Lab review is up on MGS site now (link: https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-titleist-pro-v1x/ ) and it has surprising...and unsurprising results. Biggest note of interest I saw was that it's a firm ball, which we knew, but it's less firm than the V1x Left Dash - I mistakenly thought it was the other way around.
  14. Haha, maybe we'll have to consider a "Most Hazards/Drops/Water" as a metric one month if the prize is a ball retriever
  15. So, here's one that's loosely related to this category, but...well, it doesn't fit anywhere else, haha. What is the best car for golfers? Is there a best way to carry your clubs in comfort and protection? Question was posed over on a UK site (ATTN: EU readers!), and personally I like #2 on their list (link:https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/best-cars-golfers-073157443.html?) but thought I would get a perspective from around the globe! Maybe we can compile the top choices here and create a poll
  16. You can add me to attest! I don't believe it's necessary for the contest, though.
  17. Make sure you're searching Tour Events and not Leaderboards
  18. Introducing the MGS x TheGrint Virtual Tour! Many of you are familiar with TheGrint - a great golf app that let’s you get a valid handicap, track your score and Pro like stats, use a best in class GPS rangefinder, Scorecard Photo Service and much more. MGS has teamed up with TheGrint to bring you an exciting new feature - a season long virtual tour running from April - September with multiple contests along the way! The plan is to have one contest each month PLUS a contest in the week leading up to the remaining majors. All you have to do to participate in the 9 contest is tag the event, log a round using the app, and you're automatically entered for that months contest. How To Enter Create or Log-in to your Grint account - don't worry, it's all free to use Navigate to the "Spring Invitational" - our first stop on the tour - BEFORE your qualifying round *Note: Qualifying round is considered 18-holes You can play at any course - one entry per event Here's the catch: you won't know the winning metric until the contest closes! That's right, we might pick the scorecard with the most 5's, or highest GIR, or lowest Putts. One thing we can say for sure is that it will NOT be the lowest round for each event! There will be prizes each month for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners We are also going to have a season long contest, so make sure to get a qualifying round in each event! How to navigate to the correct Event In APP: On Desktop/Laptop: Now that you are all setup in TheGrint, let's take a look at our first event. THE SPRING INVITATIONAL Details: Qualifying rounds for the event must be entered between April 13th - May 3rd The contest metric and winners will be announced on May 4th Select the Spring Invitational before your round begins Play at ANY course and enter your score That's it! Prizes: 1st Prize - We're going big to get started... That's right - Driver Time! But not just any driver. 1st prize is a driver of YOUR choice with shaft, loft, grip, bells, and whistle options up to a $600 Value! 2nd Prize is Two (2) Dozen Titleist PRO V1/x Balls + 1yr Premium TheGrint Membership 3rd Prize is a One (1) year Premium TheGrint membership --- We're really excited about this series and the contest for the season. Let us know any questions you have and can't wait to see the leaderboard! ******** WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Congratulations to our three randomly selected winner! 1st Place: @XMasterXDrewX 2nd Place: Justin K 3rd Place: @IPlayLikeAStormTrooper - Perfect timing as you won on May 4th! We'll contact the winners directly to get the prizes setup accordingly. We'll have another contest for May announced VERY SOON!
  19. Help Wanted: ONE (1) Forum Moderator & ONE (1) Content Hunter The MyGolfSpy Forum has achieved tremendous growth over the past year, with more than 98,000 registered members and growing every day. To continue to serve our members and to further fuel that growth, MyGolfSpy is looking for a couple committed individual to serve as a part-time Forum Moderator. We're looking for the right person who gets what MyGolfSpy is all about. Someone who thrives by accomplishing goals, is organized, and who wakes up every morning looking for the next challenge. We need enthusiasm and personal authenticity combined with the imagination required to grow the forum to the 100,000 member mark while keeping the MyGolfSpy Forum Vision Statement: “MyGolfSpy's Community Forum aspires to continued growth while adhering to its core goal of being a place for serious, honest and fun discussion on both golf and life, and a place to go for product reviews - a true online ‘19th Hole’ where all are welcome and all members are treated with respect and friendship.” If this sounds like you, see below for each position description and application instructions. FORUM MODERATOR Core Responsibilities: Thread management and forum organization using moderator tools and resources Monitor and contribute to forum discussions in an impartial manner Conflict resolution and prompt responsiveness to formal reports and taskers Review applications and recommend selections for official forum tests Coordinate with selected testers throughout the process to meet to schedule objectives Design or modify structure for contests, review templates, and events Interface with OEMs to maintain or grow relationships and fulfill obligations Report to Community Manager CONTENT HUNTER Core Responsibilities: Strong use of Social Media platforms Journalistic curiosity to find relevant content (articles, posts, images, videos, etc...) pertinent to the Golf world Technical knowledge for creating media heavy posts Desire to drive the conversation forward and create exciting and engaging content for our members Monitor and contribute to forum discussions in an impartial manner Participate in member testing selection process Report to Community Manager Desired Skills for Both Positions: Available: Forum activity is taken into consideration, but is not a hard requirement. The selected moderator should be available and responsive as needed. We understand this is a part-time job so roughly 5 hours per week are asked. Unbiased: The selected moderator should be one that adheres to and upholds the Moral Codes. He or she should be able to walk the center line without choosing sides in times of conflict because this role as mediator is essential to the friendly atmosphere we promote. Attentive to Detail: Details are important and anything the staff posts is under higher scrutiny. Always be cognizant of what you’re posting and how it can affect the MyGolfSpy brand. Creative: The forum depends on the ability to think outside the box to offer an experience unlike any other. Unique ideas and fresh perspectives on existing processes are central to the success of the forum. Tech Savvy: The selected moderator should have above average to proficient understanding of the tools and functionality of the forum. In addition to elevated privileges, the staff should be able to train new users and troubleshoot issues. Benefits: Opportunities to participate in selected forum member tests The rewarding and fulfilling sense of pride and accomplishment by serving the best community on the internet! A sweet MGS email address Evaluation: The selected forum moderator will be subject to a 90-day probation period. The Moderator will be evaluated based on their fulfillment of the position description and their role in the overall growth of the forum. Application: This advertisement is open to all current members of the MyGolfSpy community in good standing. If you'd like to join the MyGolfSpy Team, please send a private message to both @GolfSpy_THV and @Golfspy_CG2 explaining why YOU are the right person for the job. Submit your application by 4/26 to be considered
  20. Something tells me he might have a new set before he hits the links again haha
  21. Hideki Matsuyama has won the 2021 Masters tournament in historic fashion, becoming the first man from the Land of the Rising sun to win such a prestigious tournament. Let's see what equipment he used to achieve this great honor! If you couldn't tell from his hat, shirt, and above bag photo, Hideki is a Srixon guy and put them to good use. He is also a "mixed bag" player with a few other manufacturers represented. DRIVER: Srixon ZX-5 (9.5 degrees), with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8 TX shaft FAIRWAY WOOD: TaylorMade SIM2 Titanium (15 degrees), with Graphite Design Tour AD TP 9 TX shaft IRONS: TaylorMade SIM UDI (3), Srixon Z-Forged (4-PW), with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts WEDGES: Cleveland RTX 4 (52, 56, 60 degrees), with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts PUTTER: Scotty Cameron Newport prototype BALL: Srixon Z-Star XV GRIPS: Iomic (full wing) / Lamkin (putter)
  22. I also loved his caddy bowing to the course as a show of respect. His response to Jim's first question in Butler Cabin was quintessential Japanese culture on display. Loved it!
  23. We are going to try out Newsletters in the coming days. I will start the cadence as a "daily digest," however I believe each member can adjust their cadence in member settings. This is a new plugin for the site, so please be patient as we work through it and understand it's capabilities and limitations! If there are other topics, settings, or ideas you have regarding the newsletter, please add your comments here Expect a newsletter in your inbox next week!
  24. Since many of us are still WFH and a few have shifted to permanent WFH, how many of you guys are taking advantage of the down time and hitting the course, the range, or just practicing in general? What piece of tech is crucial to keeping your "bubble green" while grooving that new driver? Found this article about how tech, at home and on the course, and making our sport more flexible and enjoyable! https://www.sporttechie.com/golf-technology-pandemic-growth-gear-equipment-sales What are your thoughts?
  25. I have a riptide on my older FW and I greatly enjoy it! No experience with the other shaft, though, so can't give a direct comparison. If I buy another FW (which I still might this season), I'll definitely get the riptide again!
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