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  1. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… where do you think all the great tests we had in past years went?
  2. More like you’ll wake up one day and not recognize anything…as if you were Philip J. Fry…except way less cool space ships, lol
  3. Yeah, i think we can move that out of Beta. Just last week we got our dev to make some of the updates, so I’ll see if we can get APH, MPR, or BOS to move it live! There is more truth to your words than you know…
  4. All, In a disappointing turn of events yesterday, I was removed as the head Mod/Admin of the forums. It boiled down to a continued disagreement with HQ about the future of the forum and direction it should take. I listened to all of the opinions you have shared with me over the years, as well as the fantastic mod staff we have, and that often conflicted with the direction HQ wanted to take. There have been some obvious signs of this, especially this year, but many more that we were able to mitigate or minimize to keep member enjoyment high. But, at the end of the day, I don't own the forum. It's been a pleasure watching the forum grow and new features debut. I'll still be around and look forward to talking about the great game we love.
  5. Can’t wait to see the result’s from the fitting process and who is now looking to trade in/up for some new gear, haha! keep the photos coming, this is great guys!
  6. Hopefully the rain clears and you guys have a great day tomorrow. Definitely needs lots of pics and posts from the Titleist fitting and any new gear they let you try out. Jealous I can't be there to join you all, given how close it is, but I'm headed out on a trip for two weeks soon and pretty sure the misses wouldn't allow me back in the house if I joined you all this weekend too, lol!
  7. Y'all need some Wheeler Walker jr.* to lighten the mood *Note, don't listen to ANY of his music around sensitive ears...#youvebeenwarned lol
  8. Just got an email that all Srixon ZX woods are having a big price drop right now, including the 2021 MW Fairway Wood winner! https://www.srixon.com/us/clubs/mens-golf-clubs/zx-woods/
  9. Happy birthday, Bryan!! Thank you for all you do!
  10. DR: Ping 3w: Nike Irons: Titleist Wedges: Ping Putter: Ping Thinking i might need to diversify, not for the sake of diversification, but to try out other OEMs gear and how it impacts my game. Keep eyeing Mizuno irons, to start…
  11. Good starting point would be any of the ones the blog tested last year: https://mygolfspy.com/2021-most-wanted-fairway-wood/ Also, keep hearing great things about Sub 70 and the new Cobra LTDx FW's. Would be worth making a trip to a qualified fitter and see what works best for your game. Let us know what you end up picking!
  12. Thanks for the followup!! I also added a SS v3 to my game and have loved it! I barely notice it when playing in VA during 90+ heat, haha.
  13. Back in my younger days and I wasn’t fitted for anything - cause i had no real money and everything was a hand-me-down - i used to tee off with a 3w and could crush that thing. now i have a fitted driver, but a huge gap from 285 (driver) to 220/225 (4i) so probably going to pickup a 3w or 5w soon…after a fitting, of course!
  14. Working on posting the recorded zoom call as I type this. It’s a big file, so trying to find some workarounds, haha!
  15. Same thing happened to me as well. Plugged it in hours before a a round, but didn't check it properly and barely made it through the round before it died. I double check it to make sure I have the little charging icon before walking away!
  16. Tarheelvolvo

    Maxfli Tour

    Have you tried either? I'm sure a buddy at your local course or maybe even a fellow spy could give you a few to try out.
  17. Tarheelvolvo


  18. Ah, gotcha. Thank you for the more detailed description. As @GolfSpy_APH pointed out, we had some issues initially, but I believe they are sorted now and should be good to go! Let me and/or APH know if the issues persist and we can take another look.
  19. Hey guys, can you explain the problem in a bit more detail? Want to look into it, but make sure I am solving for the right issue! Thanks
  20. Cannot say enough about club tags! One of the main reasons I went with the V3 - that and no yearly subscription fee - are what sold me on the Shotscope. Instantly recognizes my club and then tracks performance for each seemlessly. Only editing I have had to do post round is when I forget to collect pin - user error, not device - or I take a practice shot with one club, don't like it, and then switch to a different one. Even then it's only like twice I have had to make edits in that situation, so still super easy.
  21. The Main Site recently reviewed a bunch of GPS devices, so might be a good place to start. You can also check out a few of the sub-forums for tech and real user feedback. fwiw, I went with ShotScope v3 w/ club tags and have loved it. It has really opened my eyes to my game and where my strengths and weaknesses lie, especially with the Strokes Gained feature.
  22. Good questions and maybe given the longer dev cycles for FW & Hybrids they should include more models in future tests. Definitely something to bring up in the chat and hope both of you can join. If not, we will record it and host it on the site to watch/listen to later.
  23. Thanks Paul! So what are you thinking as possible solutions? I've been watching a lot of slow-mo videos of really good irons players - Tiger (back in the day), Jon Rahm, Zalatoris, Keagan, etc... - and trying to pick up some of their motion and then videoing myself to compare and see where my weaknesses and strengths are. I've learned my take back and initial downswing are good, but need to tweak a few things at moment of impact and my follow-through is atrocious, lol!
  24. Here is the recording from our call w/ HQ Staff and Testers. Great content and fun atmosphere, so I hope more of you can join next time! TwtT-MW-Hybrid_7-22-2022.mp4 -------- Hey Guys, This coming Friday, 7/22 @ 12-12:30pm EST we're debuting a new feature - Talk with the Testers! You are all invited to join a zoom link, which will be sent the morning of 7/22, and have a live chat with some HQ staff and testers about the recent 2022 Most Wanted Hybrid test that debuted today on the main site. We want to answer as many questions as possible, so please post your questions or thoughts here and the mods will select a few to get the conversation started. Hope to see you all this Friday!
  25. Finally joined the SS revolution and have real data on my game! Love this device and what it has done for me. I sure thought my chipping was the weakest part of my game, but after 4rds logged I noticed that it’s really my iron/approach play that is my greatest weakness…which then leads to an excessive amount of chips, haha. Thankfully i start and finish each hole fairly strong , so looks like some lessons and range time to reconfigure my irons is in order!
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