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  1. Having just bought a G410 LST last october I was most pleased with this section: 2020 Most Wanted vs 2021 - PING G410 LST This year, we put our previous year's winner in the field. The PING G410 LST did not disappoint. It finished 7th in Strokes Gained, 7th in Forgiveness, and 6th in Total Distance. We continually see examples of "newer isn't alway better" and the PING G410 LST is another testament to this observation. --- Looks like no need to upgrade, especially considering if the USGA and R&A start to reduce head size or weight to "combat the distance problem!"
  2. Let's discuss the MGS latest test about Tee Heights! Article here: https://mygolfspy.com/tee-height-test/ What are your thoughts? Does a Tee Height make a difference in your distance or dispersion on the course?
  3. Hey Guys, Miranda at HQ reached out to see if you, or anyone you know might be interested in working at MGS HQ as Director of Multimedia! Job description is below and best of luck applying. Job Title: Director of MultiMedia Job Location: Yorktown, Va MyGolfSpy is seeking an experienced and qualified individual to join a growing company as the Director of MultiMedia. This person should be a self starter, creative and willing to take initiative as the primary leader of the multimedia department. The ideal candidate has experience in all sectors of media production a
  4. Thanks for the reminder! I do need some more lowers so that might be worth a visit this weekend.
  5. Thanks! just out of frame to the right of the picture is actually a huge, built in wood shelving unit the previous owner constructed and then nailed into the mortar. Spent last night demolishing the top portion and separating it from the bottom. Believe I'll try and salvage the bottom for a nice workbench and maybe a portion of the top as the shelves are nice and the price of wood is outrageous right now, lol! The rest of the shop is an utter disaster while I reorganize everything and get it back into the new cabinets. Funny enough, not 30mins after I installed the ones in the picture ab
  6. Ended up using Tapcons per the HD hardware specialist rec. However, to add some extra grip, I also laid a bead of liquid nail on each wall cleat and cabinet cleat. Install was easy having ripped the 2x4's, then ripped them length wise at a 45 for the french cleat. Hung the wall cleat level after predrilling the Tapcons, screwed in the cabinet cleat and added a spacer at the bottom and hung them as easily as hanging a coat on the rack. Lighting and finishing the bases are next!
  7. Once you remove the private and suuuuuuper crappy dirt tracks I bet you could knock it out in a year
  8. This sounds great! Look forward to watching your progress as I've been eyeing their used section too much lately
  9. Totally agree. Although I started thinking about what I would do with that gap and thought about adding some lighting at top and bottom to create an interesting glow/ambient lighting effect in the shop...since it's in the basement I need all the light I can get, haha!
  10. Excellent question! Because I already have plenty of 2x4's lol Although, to your point, I could rip them in half on the table saw and get them more flush to the wall. Perhaps I'll go that route!
  11. Appreciate the insights guys! I think I'll pass on the ramset since I don't have a the gun and it would get pricey to hang just a few cabinets. Might use the tapcon to install 2x4 french cleats and get them nice and level, then hang the shelves - that way I could always change/remove them down the road if I need to.
  12. Hey guys, got a question for the brain trust - buddy gave me some old cabinets that I am hoping to put into my basement workshop. It's all hallow cinder block walls down there, so what type of anchor should I use to hang the uppers? Looking at tapcon, toggle bolts, concrete anchors...gets confusing! They will need to hold a decent amount for tools, batteries, clamps, solvents, screws, etc... Wouldn't think any single cabinet would hold more than 200lbs, though. Also been thinking about a french cleat system to make hanging them much easier, or even putting up a rough framing wall in
  13. Excellent, almost in the exact same draft position as last year! Thanks for setting this up @STUDque!
  14. Fear not @Kenny B, there will be plenty of fun new ideas for all levels to try
  15. Thanks @JohnSmalls! Really looking forward to the opportunity Adam has entrusted me with
  16. Hey Guys, As @Golfspy_CG2 mentioned in his earlier post regarding some changes in the moderation team, I wanted to formally introduce myself as the new Community Manager for the site - formerly Tarheelvolvo, now know as GolfSpy_THV. What is a Community Manager and how does it differ from a Moderator? Great question! The role will include a bit more behind the scenes work focusing on creating new features and enhancements to the site for all to enjoy - think of it as a business owner creating requirements for development and then managing that process through to implementation.
  17. Was part of the Align XL test that was putting this very theory in practice. I'm one of those rare people that did MUCH worse with an aiming aide (apparently Rory also has the same condition) but others have found it useful. Check out the Align XL test here
  18. Wife gave me a pretty cool leather bound travel golf scorebook from a VA company called Moore & Giles. Allows you to keep track of your rounds and fun courses you have played as well as some training notes (like an old school arccos )
  19. I'm in, after the herky jerky season last year. I also like best ball format since some of the tour grinders become more relevant each week and it's less about the big names.
  20. Same with mine too! Although I did need to trim down the length that the threaded rod extended past my largest weight since I kept hitting it on the ground and it would bend slightly. Even with those occasionally bends, it's still rocking out well and my driver speed is hovering around 120mph now (was about 105 to begin)
  21. I hereby claim, for fantasy football purposes, the playoffs (which was fraudulently stolen),the championship, and the golden ticket, each ONE of which was won with a BIG lead. Lawsuits will be forthcoming to protect all MGS members and make sure all their points count!
  22. I hear that each graphic add 5yds to your drive!
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