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  1. Based on the reviews and checking out the Titlest, Mizuno, Callaway, Taylor made, Sun Mountain, and ultimately Ping - which is what I bought. Picked up the Hoofer on sale at my local shop for $160 and couldn't be happier. It's not the lightest, but tons of features, good club organization, and great shoulder straps.
  2. Same, in my NFL.com league. With bonuses, he nabbed me 50+ points last night. Unfortunately, I'm also facing him in another league and now i'm down 44pts (combined with their K+Def pts)...not looking good...
  3. JS / Richmond, VA Old school yardage markers (stakes, sprinklers, etc...) and pacing off distances Honestly, I'm unsure about the tech relationship. Clearly it has an impact on club, shaft, and ball design/development, which I benefit from with newer clubs, better strikes, and increased yardage/dispersion. However, when it comes to yardage devices, shot tracking, etc... since I've never used one, so I'm not sure how I feel - call me a skeptic, but willing to try it out and see how it might impact my game.
  4. JS / Richmond, VA Not currently N/A Srizon Z Star Blue w/ "Nananana"
  5. Thanks for the extra pics @Quigleyd! That matte look is fantastic. Really looking forward to trying this out in a couple months.
  6. Just read over Tony's article and have to say I'm excited to try out the new driver in January! Only critique would be a photo or two of the crown, especially that matte black action Thoughts on the design, MOI characteristics, colorways, weights? What do you guys think??
  7. agree @PrecisionProGolf! I caddied for a ProAm couple weeks back and my player had a range finder. As soon as he walked up, if there was any question in his mind, he scoped the distance, grabbed a club, and was ready to hit when it was his turn in about minute/ minute & a half. We played 9 in about 1:30hr and the total 18 in about 3:30, due to some slower players in front of us. They played the pace of the pro, so it made folks keep up!
  8. Unfortunately i'm out for probably the rest of the year. Selling my house, moving, and all the fun that goes with it... Catch you guys next year!
  9. Based on how well I hit their current driver (but lacked funds to procure at the time), I'm very interested to see what new tech they will have in this thing! Maybe prices of current gen will drop too
  10. The poker chip and the cap both make a ton of sense! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Been trying a lot of drivers lately, since that's the biggest current gap in my bag. Candidates are: - Ping G410 (Max, LFT, SFT) - Cobra F9 - TM M5/6 & also a buddies M2 tour spec he no longer uses - Callaway Epic's Right now the Cobra F9 is the leader with 280yd+ carry #'s, however I went to the new Top Golf in Richmond on Saturday - side note, place was a ghost town on Sat AM for others in the area - and tried out my buddies M2 Tour Spec (apparently he somehow got it off the tour truck last year...I didn't ask to many questions) w/ a Speeder 65g S-flex shaft. Bas
  12. Stage 2 finally up! Thanks MGS for the opportunity to review these!
  13. All solid responses and appreciate the feedback...well, most of it @silver & black Did think about poker chips after the fact and that might be a good substitute, since I have a few of those lying around. Tee's give me pause since the height can vary so much with my fumbling fingers.
  14. And I just figured out where you can see each transaction, including bid amounts. https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/veoy3ei7jyejulxs/transactions/history Man, I've wasted a lot of money
  15. Dear @isaacb1994, please send some of the good drugs you consume my way. That's the only way I can imagine you proposed your ridiculous trade to me
  16. I know this happens to the best of us. You're about 100yds out with a wedge in your hand, you take a few practice swings, step up to the ball, make sure you're lined up right, give the club a little shake and then hit it skimming across the green because you picked up your head just enough to hit a dreaded "thin" shot. Well, this is supposed to help with thin, fat, and all other types of mis-hits and wondered if anyone has tried it and what your experience was. https://www.izzo.com/flatball-training-aid.html Thanks!
  17. Fun update! Wife and I took the kids to the range and she said to me, "so what's the deal with these clubs you're supposed to be testing?" (can you feel the eye-roll in this statement?) So I put a 7i in her hand and pointed her to the range. She came back after about 10-12 hits with a smile on her face and said, "wow, these are nice!" When I pushed her for more details, she said she likes how even a bad-hit went pretty far, her good shots felt great in her hands, and she gained some distance from her current clubs - they are some cheap women's clubs that don't even warrant a mention.
  18. How serendipitous that I was trying one of these in the store just last week. Very interesting concept and given that my current putter is well over 25yrs old, I figure technology may have improved putters a bit. - JS - VA - Ping Anser 2 Steel - Frontline 4.0 35"
  19. Congratulations, guys! @Maltenator, let me know if you need a guest reviewer
  20. Same! Mine look great to far. Even the chrome finish on the sole looks great after all my rounds and a lot of range time with artificial hitting mats, which we all know can "green" a club pretty quick.
  21. So glad to see this topic posted. I have two packages sitting in my amazon cart that I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on, but think you guys moved me over the hill on this one. I'll report back results once I give them a try!
  22. Honestly, the biggest issue I am having with the newer clubs, and I think this is a problem with all newer iron sets, is the gapping. As I mentioned in my last post, I really only use a 4, 5, 7, PW, GW from the set. Realize manufacturers need to make sure the newest model "goes farther" and "flies straighter," but that creates a new conundrum for the average golfer. In fact, I read this article last night and found myself nodding along quite frequently: https://golfweek.com/2019/09/24/new-irons-can-create-a-tricky-gapping-problem/ It created a void sub 135yds for me that I had to fill wit
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