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  1. It was a bit of a pleasingly odd mix. The smoke from the scotch, the sweetness from bourbon, and it mellowed out with the Port Cask finish. Need to try it a few more times to get a better idea of the complexity. Never had stranahans, though, so I'll keep an eye out to try it.
  2. Was just gifted this today, my birthday, and about to pour a few for the evening.
  3. Hey @MattF, thanks! Heading out to the links shortly, so wish me straight shots and short putts
  4. When I went to busch garden's this summer, I had a great time riding all the roller coasters. The climbs up the big hills, the near vertical drops, the stomach bending twists and loops, even saw a guy barf on one ride - thankfully I was on the ground as a spectator. This pales in comparison to being an AB owner...
  5. Hey @russtopherb, great question! Compared to my current irons, i'm taking a little less divot with each stroke, so I would think the wider sole is helping to keep the iron "floating" up a bit more so I hit the ball in the sweet spot more often. I haven't noticed the turf grabbing my clubs as much as current irons, either. Even with the wedges around the green, i'm getting good swings, moderate to shallow divots, and solid spin to stop the balls on the greens better. I have not hit any wedge shots "thin," which has been a big plus too! Looking back at my rounds, i'm certainly hitting the
  6. Great question and one that initially turned me off with the D7's given how clunky they "appear" to be. I mention appearance in quotes because I believe Wilson has done a great job in "hiding" the thicker sole and ReAkt technology quite well. Compared to my DCI Clones the topline is thicker, sure, but not so much that it is a distraction when addressing the ball. Additionally, it's only the higher lofted irons where I start to see a small peak of the sole/weighting poking out from the topline. Combine that with what @JohnSmallssaid about the power holes actually tricking the eye into see
  7. Haha, my thoughts as well the the first time I put the clubs on the monitor. I was like "watch out Koepka!" Second my fellow tester's request, too. What do you guys have questions about? How can we better test these analytically as well as qualitatively?
  8. Weekly update! Went out and played a few rounds of 9 Fri/Sat/Sun to get a comparison between current DCI clones vs. D7. Overall, I would say the D7's gained me at least 2-3 strokes per 9 compared to current irons. Rounds were as follows: DCI Clones - 44 D7's - 42 D7's - 40 It did help that my putter was hot the last round, though, so I can't completely give credit to the D7's for the 4 stroke drop...BUT, they did get me closer to the pin, which lead to the hot putter...so, take it for what it is. Also, the amount of mis-hits and pushes to th
  9. Have an old Ping Anser 2 I've been gaming and tried the TA#3 at a DSG the other day - felt great and rolled true in the store, however I like the look and feel of a blade. Anyone compared this to the Cleveland TFI 2135? About the same price point and results from MGS testing shows about the same make % for both. Welcome your thoughts!
  10. Yeah, given the deep league, it's slim pickings on the WW/FA market. But there's some hope for me yet... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27552977/gruden-plan-brown-play-monday-night
  11. Appreciate it, Berg. Let me sit on it a day to see what happens with AB and the mess he's caused for himself.
  12. Maybe...if he can find another team to play for. Looks like he might have burned the bridge with the Raiders...I'll check waiver wire/FA first, though...
  13. Possibly...I do need a WR that can play this week as opposed to some "future" date, if at all...Open to trades, so send them over
  14. Jefferson Lakeside? Hit me up if you want to play there, or other courses sometime The greens and course were fun and buddy and I completed a round in 3:30, so pretty quick playing too, which is nice.
  15. Feel ya, Steve...Kinda interesting that with the ever increasing lofts of irons to show YoY distance improvements, they've created a new problem of not needing as many clubs with the groupings! Although, this isn't just a Wilson problem, but probably an industry problem with all new iron sets.
  16. This. My local range has covered bays and a lot of the local HS teams practice there in the afternoon. Save you a ton of fund-raising headaches and equipment purchases.
  17. I have one, and only one thing to say on this matter #Returnofthemack That is all
  18. Weekly update! Took them to the range and had a solid session with the launch monitor. We'll call this my "initial" assessment of the full set of irons with data galore, for those that are interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VAmCTdUzoEuKVd5bcShOowHTM_MM7jq0mS7RhtsW6bw/edit?usp=sharing Disregard the Cobra testing at the bottom...that was me just having some fun, since I need a new driver (see signature...) Initial impressions and takeaways: - MUCH more forgiving than my current irons (DCI/R11) with rarely a mishit or shank - Much straighter b
  19. Funny you ask this, Wedgie, as I was just lamenting to my local range pro that the 4-5-6 irons all had very similar distances to each other when well struck (Smash factor of 1.35 or greater). To give you an idea, the D7 4i was carrying about 210, 5i was about 205, and 6i was 198. Really got me thinking about how I might restructure my bag and maybe eliminate one or two of these irons depending on how well I find I hit them. Even the 7i was close to the group, but not so close as to lump it with the irons above, and I hit it well enough I'd probably keep it regardless, haha!
  20. Haha, yep, that's the one! Liked the course, though.
  21. Stage 2 Review – October 7th, 2019 Wilson D7 Irons – Official MGS Forum Review Finally, we’ve come to the end of our review period and I spent a lot of time on the range, the course, and here, with you all! Hopefully we’ve done a decent job answering any questions you had along the way and continue to ask questions about these irons. I also testing these irons against my current DCI’s and some R11 clones – even had a special guest appearance by a D300 4i for a bit to look at old-gen vs. new-gen. Basically, a lot of time spent with these irons and they were fun to test!
  22. Hey Guys, since I’m fairly new to the MGS forums I wanted to give a proper introduction. I’m John-Scott (JS), 36yrs old, and live in Richmond, VA. I’m also a fairly big guy – 6’4” 240lbs, so can put a lot of power behind a ball when I connect. I started playing golf with my father at our club at about age 6, but didn’t take it seriously until about 13 and got down to 6hdcp in HS. I continued to play sporadically through college and post schooling until kiddos joined the fun and consumed all my time – as many of you can relate. Now that they are a bit older (3 & 6 currently) I have more tim
  23. Definitely finish the Good Place. Amazing season 1 ending and season 2 has been equally great! And yes...Kristen Bell is easy on the eyes, haha.
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