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  1. Open to trades for any of my #2 picks in the Berg. Going to try a K/K strategy out the gate to throw you all off
  2. Very interesting and a good guide to "get started" when fitting your driver. I do like the ability of newer drivers to adjust their loft "on-the-fly" instead of being stuck with one club and making it work every time, regardless of condition. In the market for a driver now and measured my SS at the range yesterday @~107mph and been thinking of a lower loft diver. This just solidifies that's where I will start and make adjustments based on the club. Thanks for the info @GolfSpy Stroker!
  3. All very nice looking sets! Wonder how they will stack up in the next "Most Wanted" reviews.
  4. There's an amazing BBQ joint up in Adams Morgan, closer to the Zoo, that's amazing - was featured in House of Cards for a bit. Federalist Pig Definitely make a stop if you like BBQ at all. Otherwise, I love China Chilcano. Bistro Bis, Old Ebbitt Grill, and Capital Grille are fun to see celebs and/or Congressional delegates. And another staple is getting a Half-Smoke at Ben's Chili Bowl! Have a great time!
  5. JS/VA Ping Anser 2 16 And may I say, I still don't get all the hoopla around these expensive putters. Maybe Evnroll can prove me wrong, but I doubt it...
  6. Ugh, I'll be camping out by South Colony Lake in Colorado on the 22nd with the nearest internet connection about a 3hr hike, lol. Let's go "make up" dates!
  7. Agreed! A lot of times I'll tee off with my 4i I love it so much. Then again, when I hit it a consistent 220yds, why even use a driver? Oddly, my 6i might be the least used club in my bag ...next to my driver
  8. Shot a 91 at a course I've never played here in town today - Jefferson Lakeside CC. No triple bogeys and only 3 putted once! Spent far too much time at the beach than I had wished for, but playing a course for the first time will do that too you. Overall, a nice course, tight holes/layout, somewhat fast greens - even with all the morning rain we had today - and chips were solid all day! Also, another fun fact: I outdrove my buddy, who's a 7hdcp and has a G400 driver, almost every hole with my old Titlest
  9. no kidding...It's only been low 90's with 70% humidity all week
  10. How about the 17th? A good Saturday night after a few preseason games? Or 24/25th? I'm also out the 29th. Flight won't get me home till after 10pm EST. Edit: maybe just make a poll?
  11. Same boat as my esteemed colleague from SC...just a bit frustrating as i'm playing a round tomorrow and really wanted to test these out...
  12. Great write-up. How would you think they perform in sweaty, humid conditions? Still just as sticky and comfy, or are we getting into the finger damage range? Also agree with @Nihonsei, though, on the price. $16/grip, or almost $225 for a full regrip, can get pricey for your whole bag...
  13. Tarheelvolvo


  14. August 1, 8, 22 are good with me. Have to check flights on 15th to see if I can make it work... getting back from a conference that evening.
  15. Ok, so to recap: Bonuses: Punters: Defensive Scoring Changes: Rushing Attempt Score: 0.25/attempt FAAB: FG Miss Neg Points: -1 inside 40 (incl PAT), -0.5 40-49, no penalty over 50+yds
  16. Love all the responses and completely understand where everyone is coming from. Bonuses can be tricky to predict, but that's part of the fun, no? Regardless, just wanted to present some alternative takes. I do think Defense should have more ability to boost your scores than they currently do.
  17. Found the other leagues scoring that my buddies and I liked a lot. See some differences below: Offense - Interceptions: -1, instead of -2 - 300+yd Passing bonus: 4pts - 400+yd Passing bonus: 5pts (cumulative with 300yd bonus as well, so 9 extra pts) - 40+yd TD Pass: 1pt - 50+yd TD Pass: 2pt (again, cumulative bonus) - Rushing Attempts: 0.1pt/attempt - 40+yd Rushing TD: 1pt - 50+yd Rushing TD: 2pt (cumulative with 40yd) - 100+yd Rushing Bonus: 4pts - 200+yd Rushing Bonus: 5pts (again, cumulative) - 40+yd Receiving TD Bonus: 1pt - 50+yd Receiving TD Bonus: 2pt (cumulative) - 100+yd Receiving Bonus: 4pts - 200+yd Receiving Bonus: 5pts - Kickoff/Punt return yds: 0.1/yd - Kickoff/Punt return TD: 10pts, because it's a lot harder! - Fumble: -1pt - Fumble LOST: -2pt Kicking - Missed PAT: -2pt - Missed FG: -1pt Defense - PA Scheme: 0 = 20pts, 1-6=7pts, 7-13 = 4pts, 14-20 = 1pts, 21-27 = 0pts, 28-34 = -1pts, 35+ = -4pts - Less than 100yds allowed bonus: 10pts - Blocked kick/punt: 10pts - Safeties: 5pts - Fumble Recovered: 3pts - Forced Fumble: 3pts (so if forced and D recovers, it would be 6pts total) - Interceptions: 3pts What we liked about this setup was the Bonuses for excellent performance as well as the ability to have your D score a LOT of points and be a pivotal part of the roster each week. Some weeks my D would score 40+pts and I could secure a win that week.
  18. Regarding rules and points, I see that under "offense" a KO or Punt return = 6pts, also that defense/special teams = 6. So if Gurley runs a KO for TD, and I also have Rams D, does that mean I would get 6, 12, or 18pts (since it's a rushing TD too...)? I'll have to see how my other leagues handle D. One does a great job and I like their setup a lot, so I'll post points scheme soon.
  19. Congrats guys! Looking forwward to seeing your reviews as I definitely need to up my wedge game (see signature)
  20. Hate to be dense, but which ball testing thread? There seem to be quite a few and I tried searching a few of them. Edit: NM, I think I finally found it here:
  21. We'll don't hold out on us, where's the spreadsheet? Haha
  22. Well I'll be...found this interesting article on ESPN today talking about "Golf's not-so-secret fascination with CBD oil" https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/27147006/golf-not-secret-fascination-cbd-oil
  23. 100% this! I'm a big man - 6'4" 240lbs, so clearly a runners bod - anyway, I hated running and stuck to other gym exercises, mainly a lot of strength training. Then one day I went out and ran 2mi in 14:57 and thought "dang, this is pretty fun when you can put up respectable times!" I'm down to 2mi in 14:47 now and pretty proud of my new running achievements. My ultimate goal is 10k in sub-50min next April. Podcast help a lot, too. Keeps my mind off the actual running part. haha
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