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  1. Yikes, +2 on the first day and leader at -7...good thing I haven't wasted any postage yet...
  2. Dick's is having a Flash Sale 5/15/19 with a lot of shoes, bags, gloves, etc... on sale. They have the Titlest Player 4 stand bag for $120, among many other deals. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/c/dsg-golf-flash-sale Happy Hunting
  3. Selfishly I want Rory to win so I can get a new M6 driver! If he doesn't, though, then I'll hope for Tiger to get #16 and pull ever closer to Jack.
  4. With you 100% on this. Would love to see a Top 100 under $100, or even Top Value - although that can get pretty subjective as well since some people see Pebble Beach as a great value @ $550+/round...
  5. Grabbed a couple entry forms last Tuesday. The guys bemoaned the fact I didn't buy a driver, though... Let's go Rory!
  6. JS/Virginia Ping Anser 2 Right Hand Look, I'll be honest, I've been a long time lurker on the site so I don't have the quality content or participation of many other posters in the forums. However, you guys have become my trusted source of solid, non-biased golf information. In fact, just yesterday I went and bought a pair of the Sketchers Elite V.3 golf shoes because of your high praise about them - and the fact that they do feel simply amazing on the feet. In the process of purchasing my shoes and remembering the reviews about the TM Impact No. 3, I thought I'd give it a few practice putts at Dick's. I've never been a fan of mallet style putters; blade all the way! Truth be told, I thought mallets were clunky looking, gimmicky, and all hype - I was wrong. After a few swings I almost bought one right then and there, but the putters they had in stock looked like they had been ridden hard and put away wet...Then low and behold, I see the post asking for testers! I thought it very serendipitous and wanted to put my hat in the ring in hopes of being selected to give this putter a thorough review. Plus I've been told I'm not a douchebag...which helps.
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