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  1. This. My local range has covered bays and a lot of the local HS teams practice there in the afternoon. Save you a ton of fund-raising headaches and equipment purchases.
  2. I have one, and only one thing to say on this matter #Returnofthemack That is all
  3. Weekly update! Took them to the range and had a solid session with the launch monitor. We'll call this my "initial" assessment of the full set of irons with data galore, for those that are interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VAmCTdUzoEuKVd5bcShOowHTM_MM7jq0mS7RhtsW6bw/edit?usp=sharing Disregard the Cobra testing at the bottom...that was me just having some fun, since I need a new driver (see signature...) Initial impressions and takeaways: - MUCH more forgiving than my current irons (DCI/R11) with rarely a mishit or shank - Much straighter b
  4. Funny you ask this, Wedgie, as I was just lamenting to my local range pro that the 4-5-6 irons all had very similar distances to each other when well struck (Smash factor of 1.35 or greater). To give you an idea, the D7 4i was carrying about 210, 5i was about 205, and 6i was 198. Really got me thinking about how I might restructure my bag and maybe eliminate one or two of these irons depending on how well I find I hit them. Even the 7i was close to the group, but not so close as to lump it with the irons above, and I hit it well enough I'd probably keep it regardless, haha!
  5. Haha, yep, that's the one! Liked the course, though.
  6. Stage 2 Review – October 7th, 2019 Wilson D7 Irons – Official MGS Forum Review Finally, we’ve come to the end of our review period and I spent a lot of time on the range, the course, and here, with you all! Hopefully we’ve done a decent job answering any questions you had along the way and continue to ask questions about these irons. I also testing these irons against my current DCI’s and some R11 clones – even had a special guest appearance by a D300 4i for a bit to look at old-gen vs. new-gen. Basically, a lot of time spent with these irons and they were fun to test!
  7. Hey Guys, since I’m fairly new to the MGS forums I wanted to give a proper introduction. I’m John-Scott (JS), 36yrs old, and live in Richmond, VA. I’m also a fairly big guy – 6’4” 240lbs, so can put a lot of power behind a ball when I connect. I started playing golf with my father at our club at about age 6, but didn’t take it seriously until about 13 and got down to 6hdcp in HS. I continued to play sporadically through college and post schooling until kiddos joined the fun and consumed all my time – as many of you can relate. Now that they are a bit older (3 & 6 currently) I have more tim
  8. Definitely finish the Good Place. Amazing season 1 ending and season 2 has been equally great! And yes...Kristen Bell is easy on the eyes, haha.
  9. Second Jack Ryan! Really enjoyed that show. On Netflix: West Wing, The Good Place, Ozark, Jessica Jones, Bodyguard (The UK one). Plenty of movie recs too, if you want those.
  10. Ran into an odd situation last Friday at a local course...you had to get in your car and drive five minutes to the "back" of the course to get to their range - no cart access either. Realize space issues create interesting setups, but this was a first for me. Really had to think about if I wanted to head back there or not since my bag was already on the cart. Made me also think about this thread and the debate within. Ended up skipping the range and hitting two off the first tee after getting somewhat limber in the tee box. Shot an 87, which is a couple strokes lower
  11. May I have a Broke 90 badge, please! Shot an 87 last Friday... working on that sub 80...
  12. Hope I get to see some of these when I caddie for the Dominion Energy Charity Classic in October! Although at over 10lbs without clubs, I also hope I don't have to carry one
  13. Open to trades for any of my #2 picks in the Berg. Going to try a K/K strategy out the gate to throw you all off
  14. Very interesting and a good guide to "get started" when fitting your driver. I do like the ability of newer drivers to adjust their loft "on-the-fly" instead of being stuck with one club and making it work every time, regardless of condition. In the market for a driver now and measured my SS at the range yesterday @~107mph and been thinking of a lower loft diver. This just solidifies that's where I will start and make adjustments based on the club. Thanks for the info @GolfSpy Stroker!
  15. All very nice looking sets! Wonder how they will stack up in the next "Most Wanted" reviews.
  16. There's an amazing BBQ joint up in Adams Morgan, closer to the Zoo, that's amazing - was featured in House of Cards for a bit. Federalist Pig Definitely make a stop if you like BBQ at all. Otherwise, I love China Chilcano. Bistro Bis, Old Ebbitt Grill, and Capital Grille are fun to see celebs and/or Congressional delegates. And another staple is getting a Half-Smoke at Ben's Chili Bowl! Have a great time!
  17. JS/VA Ping Anser 2 16 And may I say, I still don't get all the hoopla around these expensive putters. Maybe Evnroll can prove me wrong, but I doubt it...
  18. Ugh, I'll be camping out by South Colony Lake in Colorado on the 22nd with the nearest internet connection about a 3hr hike, lol. Let's go "make up" dates!
  19. Agreed! A lot of times I'll tee off with my 4i I love it so much. Then again, when I hit it a consistent 220yds, why even use a driver? Oddly, my 6i might be the least used club in my bag ...next to my driver
  20. Shot a 91 at a course I've never played here in town today - Jefferson Lakeside CC. No triple bogeys and only 3 putted once! Spent far too much time at the beach than I had wished for, but playing a course for the first time will do that too you. Overall, a nice course, tight holes/layout, somewhat fast greens - even with all the morning rain we had today - and chips were solid all day! Also, another fun fact: I outdrove my buddy, who's a 7hdcp and has a G400 driver, almost every hole with my old Titlest
  21. no kidding...It's only been low 90's with 70% humidity all week
  22. How about the 17th? A good Saturday night after a few preseason games? Or 24/25th? I'm also out the 29th. Flight won't get me home till after 10pm EST. Edit: maybe just make a poll?
  23. Same boat as my esteemed colleague from SC...just a bit frustrating as i'm playing a round tomorrow and really wanted to test these out...
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