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  1. Yep, Clark County Health Dept. closed them on Wednesday but was able to get on Thursday in Champaign County.
  2. Todd / Ohio 16 Ping G 160 yds.
  3. Thanks for the review update. I also have been playing PE2s for 30 years. Committed to playing more this year, I picked up a lightly used set of G irons in the spring but ended up going back to the PE2s after a month. I like to look of the 410s, hoping to get picked as a tester ; )
  4. Todd, Ohio 16.4 Ping Eye 2 160 yds.
  5. TMay23


  6. Todd / Ohio 18 Titleist Vokey Spin Milled 48, 52 & 56 Full wedge shots that land soft, hop & stop. Bonus if it backs up!
  7. Ping Eye 2 irons 4-9 from 1989! Bought a lightly used set of Ping G irons as possible replacement but haven’t hit them as well so back to the PE2s.
  8. Todd / Springfield Currently using gps Android SwingU phone app
  9. This thread makes me think of this tune....
  10. I emailed them for price, response was sold out of Z Star in yellow
  11. Like the Srixon Z Star. Current BOGO promotion on all balls is a good time to stock up or try out the Soft Feel, Q Star, Q Star Tour, Z Star & Z Star XV.
  12. Bill Murray having trouble counting all his shots https://ispot.tv/a/Ic2F
  13. Todd, Springfield Ohio 18 Ping Eye 2 irons Black Cat
  14. Same here, received the 3 dozen Z Star deal today!
  15. Let me know if you want to trade a sleeve or two if you don't like the yellow
  16. Todd Springfield 98 Taylormade Project a Limited experience with Snell MTB Black
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