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  1. Sawyer Peterman Albuquerque, NM Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 I would like to test the impact 1.
  2. Thank you very much! it took a few years to get my swing back into shape. When I started playing again I had a really flat swing and made the adjustments to steepen it and the swing speed crept up. Then after last spring I switched from bodybuilding workouts to full body ones that focused on strength. It made all the distance because I felt like I was able to get some flexibility back. I have definitely looked into a fitting and it is pretty costly. I almost pulled the trigger on some 919 tour irons but they had 6.0 project x shafts. I will definitely take a look into the irons you recommended. Those taylormade irons look pretty sweet. Thank you for responding. Hit em good.
  3. I purchased a set of 2011 Callaway Razr-X Forged irons (3-pw)in 2016 that were on sale in consignment at one of the local golf shops. I was just seriously getting back into golf after a 10+ year break. I had previously purchased a set of Cleveland TA5's that I had only taken out a few times to the range. The last time that I had played seriously was in high school which, I graduated in 2001. Back they I played a set of Spalding brand knock-off Cobra irons, which my mom could afford at time, and I am still grateful for that. I also carried a Cleveland driver, 1980s Taylormade 3wd, 55 degree wedge and a 60 copper face spin wedge from Walmart. Most of what I carried was given to me by a family friend, who's children were state champion golfers. I did lose my 6 iron in a pond (long story) and eventually replaced it with a 6 iron blade, once again, gifted to me. I definitely made do with what I had. The best finish I had, with this Frankenstein set up, was 3rd in a high school tournament. After the break and wanting to step up my game I decided it was time to upgrade. The Callaway irons, I thought, were a reasonably good step up since they were a forged iron with Project X 6.0 shafts installed. I was happy getting them for $250. They have been pretty amazing and I love the way they feel. Buttery is the word I would use to describe them. When you hit the sweet spot they are smooth and crisp. Even with off-center hits, there is plenty of forgiveness. One feature that I really like are the extra grooves on the face that allow me to control the spin on the shots. In the time that I have really started playing with these irons, my handicap went from 9 to 1.9. This last year I was able to increase my driver swing speed from 106 mph to 125 mph. This has led me to my current predicament. With the increased swing speed, I have notices some inconsistencies starting to appear in my iron play. It is definitely time to upgrade to new shafts. Instead of just upgrading the shafts, I feel that it would be most beneficial if I were just to upgrade to a new set of irons. Since January I have been researching and testing but have yet to come up with a set that I feel I would love. Also, the price of a new set of irons is way out of my price range. So here I am, stuck in a sticky situation. I hope to figure out something in the coming months. With the current pandemic affecting play here in New Mexico, there is no sense of urgency. It would be nice to hear from fellow golfers who have played the same set up and have found something comparable. Thank you. SP
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