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  1. Sawyer Peterman Albuquerque, NM Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 I would like to test the impact 1.
  2. Thank you very much! it took a few years to get my swing back into shape. When I started playing again I had a really flat swing and made the adjustments to steepen it and the swing speed crept up. Then after last spring I switched from bodybuilding workouts to full body ones that focused on strength. It made all the distance because I felt like I was able to get some flexibility back. I have definitely looked into a fitting and it is pretty costly. I almost pulled the trigger on some 919 tour irons but they had 6.0 project x shafts. I will definitely take a look into the irons you recommended
  3. I purchased a set of 2011 Callaway Razr-X Forged irons (3-pw)in 2016 that were on sale in consignment at one of the local golf shops. I was just seriously getting back into golf after a 10+ year break. I had previously purchased a set of Cleveland TA5's that I had only taken out a few times to the range. The last time that I had played seriously was in high school which, I graduated in 2001. Back they I played a set of Spalding brand knock-off Cobra irons, which my mom could afford at time, and I am still grateful for that. I also carried a Cleveland driver, 1980s Taylormade 3wd, 55 degree wed
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