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  1. I agree with many of the replies to this topic. I think the clocks that reflect your t-time are a great way to at least make groups aware of where their pace of play is. Although this alone does not dictate actual pace of play, it is what the course expects and it gives the course marshall some actual reference for every group on the course. This helps put it into perspective, even for the fast playing groups. From my experience at many Colorado munis, having something that reminds the group where they are at is very helpful in the general pace for the entire day. Many golf carts with GPS have a similar notification system as well. The bottom line is, be aware of what is happening on the holes in front of you, and even behind you. Simple awareness of basic golf etiquette goes a long way on the course! You don't have to run between shots and you also don't need to be searching for lost golf balls in knee high native grass either. Take the drop and actually save yourself a few strokes! Play for bogey instead of actually carding that double or triple! Most of are not professional or even close to scratch golfers so being a little forgiving on the lost ball thing is fine. Take the lateral drop with a stroke! I can almost guarantee your foursome will be fine with this! Unless your in a tourney we do not need to be playing stroke and distance in our weekly buddies group! The local junior program at The Links golf course here in Highlands Ranch, CO does a great job instilling golf etiquette into its junior golfers at an early age. Simple things like 1 practice swing before a shot can go a long way over the course of a round!
  2. I would say TW benefits the most. He has several months now to get his body in top physical condition and prepare for the coveted 6th green jacket.
  3. For modern day PGA players I would choose: Rickie Fowler, Gary Woodland, and Tony Finau to round out my foursome. For former golf legends I would choose Arnie, Jack, and Bobby Jones.
  4. I have been happy with the SKLZ Quickster 8' x 8' net. I currently have it set up in basement. I tethered the top to my ceiling for extra stability. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/accessories/other/sklz-golf-quickster-8-x-8-portable-practice-net/
  5. Agreed, I am fortunate that we are able to even play at all!
  6. That is unfortunate. Hopefully you have addressed this problem with your clubs board members. Perhaps they need to re-evaluate the course pace of play protocol and educate members on basic course etiquette. Is there a presence of course marshalls, are slow groups allowing faster/ smaller groups to play through, is walking the only reason they are slow, do all groups with carts finish in similar pace? Good member discussion/ action at the club may help speed everyone up.
  7. ClubProGuy has the best instructional golf videos on youtube, hands down.
  8. Never tried the golfBoard. From golf bikes to actual club toting goats, there are definitely people exploring alternative ways to get around the course!
  9. I appreciate the feedback! I absolutely feel that golf carts are appropriate and should be available for people who are not physically or medically able to walk the course. Glad to hear that you are still able to enjoy this fine game!
  10. Walking. Golf in it's purest form. (Sorry didn't see this forum topic before I created new post under: walking vs. Golf carts!)
  11. I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on walking vs. riding in a golf cart. This topic should be relevant now more than ever before during this time of 'social distancing'. Most courses that are open during this pandemic are walking only. I personally feel that walking the course is the way the game is meant to be played. First and foremost, going back to golf's roots, the game was always walked. Walking the course allows you to be more connected to the course, more involved in the match, more engaged with playing partners, and more aware about what is happening on the course. I feel that golf carts take away from the true golf experience. Also, I truly believe that golf carts are one of the biggest culprits for slow play. It is very rare for both golfers in the same cart to be hitting shots in the same general vicinity. You have to cover more ground with a cart. There seems to be a lot of unnecessary time wasted driving around between shots. Carts seem to be more appropriate for the scramble tournament beer drinking couple rounds a year golfer. To be fair, there is nothing wrong with these golfers, and I absolutely enjoy the occasional scramble and beer drinking outing like the rest of us. I feel that more and more golf courses seem to promote and even require golf carts and do not even give the option to walk. Courses seem to be designed for carts with long distances between holes due to the course being part of a residential development. Resort style courses and modern country clubs all fit into the golf carts only profile. Hopefully more golf courses will follow in the footsteps of Bandon Dunes. This golf mecca has done it right. Top notch, old school links golf the way the game was meant to be played. This time of 'walking required golf' may be an eye opener for the game! Thoughts?
  12. Colorado Golfer How long have you been playing golf?What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing since age 14. I am an unofficial 12. I usually shoot mid to low 80's What do you love about golf? I love golf because whether I play great or completely hack it up I still want to get back out and play more. Golf is a love/ hate relationship. Golf is the best sport ever! Golf is the most ridiculous sport ever! Golf is a unique, individual game that teaches honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, discipline, and focus. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I enjoy the non-biased reviews and opinions from real people, not paid spokespeople. I value input from average golf junkies like myself. Where are you from? What is your home course? Littleton, Colorado. No official home course. I would say The Meadows and Foothills are my home tracks because that is where I learned the game. Now I play South Suburban most frequently (fantastic course conditions). We hold our unofficial men's club at S.S. My best round ever was at Plum Creek (1st and only 79!). My favorite tracks are: Murphy Creek, The Ridge, and Fox Hollow What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Great weather for golf Spring/ Summer/ Fall. Nothing beats 'Indian Summer' golf. Sunny almost everyday! Although it is very common for the weather to change mid-round! Some local courses in my area seem really proud of their courses. Douglas County courses seem overpriced (ex. Lone Tree, H.R.). The Ridge can be pricey, but the product and experience is high quality. I feel there is much better value at most courses outside of South Denver metro area (Murphy Creek, Fox Hollow, Legacy Ridge). What do you do for a living? Optometrist How’d you pick your user name? Avid Colorado Skier
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