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  1. LOL I also have Top Flite Twour Gamer Driver/3H that I bought at DSG for $80 both. A friend gave me a Ping i20 3W. I have Mizuno MP-60 PW-5 iron that I bought used at "Play it again sports" for $140 (they were a gift from my wife!). That same day I also bought a 4 hybrid (24 deg) for $10, and i love that freaking club! It's an AMF Sequence (never heard of that brand before). My wedges are hand-me-downs: 52deg Cleveland REG 588 and 58deg Wilson Staff FG Tour. So I guess in total my bag has cost $230 because my wedges and 3W were hand-me-downs. xD. Of course, I had bought other clubs before so I've spent more money on golf in general. Currently play the Srixon Q-Star but have been trying out the previous generation ProV1.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I've been using the Srixon Q-star so sounds like the RX or RXS would be a natural transition. JD
  3. Hello, Has anyone tested the Bridgestone Tour B RX or RXS balls? I haven't found a topic on them. I recently found a Tour B RX ball and started chipping and putting with it. It was in perfect condition when I found it and after practicing with it, it was in much better condition than the Pro V1's that I also use for practice. I'm amazed with it's durability but I found the B RX to be a little hot off the face compared to the Pro V1 (softer vs firmer feel?). I played a round with it and compared it to my gamer (Srixon Q-star) and didn't see much difference but I also played like crap that day, so it's difficult to say. What experience have you guys with it? Is it worth the buy? Thanks, JD
  4. Hello, I haven't read all the messages but I'm replying to the original one in this thread. Short answer: Yes, range balls are crap! I don't really look at the flight of range balls. I look at the contact on the club face and pay some attention to the flight (whether it goes left or right), but that's about it. I also look at the divot (I practice on grass). So yeah don't worry too much about the range balls. There's a reason why pros practice with the same balls they play. I do all of my pitching/chipping/putting practice with my gamer, not with range balls. I use some balls that are a bit scuffed for practice and leave the ones in better condition for the course. Cheers! JD
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