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  1. I have been using the Taylormade TP5x balls since they released and even used the Tour Preferred X balls before that so I know what I am saying about Taylormade golf balls. The TP5x is a great ball which is why many tour pros use them. I have used way over 200 TP5x balls since I do play every day and one thing I have noticed is how damaged they are able to get even after one shot. I time I even took a fresh TP5x out because on the previous hole it was way too damaged to use. I hit a 5 iron and the cover over the ball was nearly cracked in to two. Last week I used a TP5x for 15 holes and by that time, on the 16th hole it was unusable because I even managed to pull the whole cover off the ball. Under the cover is the grey 4th layer. Other than that, the ball is absolutely awesome. It feels decently hard which is what I like and the ball is perfect for me because I swing my driver around 104mph. The ball goes farther than most other balls I have tested and is perfect for anyone not needing any more spin. If you do need a bit more spin, I recommend the TP5 or other balls such as the Titleist Prov1's. What I do is I only use new balls in tournaments and once they are used they go in to my used ball pocket so I can use them again for practice rounds or chipping practice and putting. I have managed to use many different TP5x for longer than 10 rounds so I am not sure why they sometimes break so easily. Overall I believe that the Taylormade TP5x is easily one of the best balls on the market. I prefer them over any other ball which I can firmly say because I have tried multiple different types of golf balls over the years.
  2. This is interesting, I find the balls at my range here in AD are very hard and do wear my iron and in fact wood faces out. There’s a guy here who has caved in multiple m5 heads just because of the range balls.
  3. I have definitely seen much improvements in this!! I would have to switch the old balls out every 9 or even sometimes less because they were so scuffed up. The new ones are much harder to scuff up.
  4. sunflower seeds sound like a great idea! I'll definitely try that.
  5. Hello Everyone, I have an interesting topic. Being completely honest, I don't eat very healthy on the course. My food and drink usually consist of a lot of Coke and ice-lollies, chocolate croissants and Mars-Bars. If I am not feeling Coke, I would usually buy a Vitamin Well. I would like to know what others eat and drink on the golf course. It would be cool to see if it improves/changes scores. Also, please leave recommendations on some healthy snacks I and others could eat.
  6. I use the 50° as a replacement as a gap wedge. In my old set of G400 irons, it didn't have one and I already loved the Ping Glide 2.0's. I got the 50° on Christmas day not knowing my new set in March would come with one. I found better consistency in the 50° than the gap wedge that came with my irons so I stuck with it in the bag. The gap wedge that came with the set was also 50° so I just call the Ping my gap wedge. I chose the 52° for around 105-yard shots and for more roll on chips. I didn't want a 56° because I felt it would be too little of a gap and the 58° in my opinion, was the best option for me. I don't think a 60° would go very well anyway because I already get a lot of height of my balls anyway. Hopefully, this answered your question. Not sure if I made it too clear, but thanks for the guidance!
  7. Hello everyone, I would just like to say, I am very new here and am not sure if this is posted in the right place. Still learning Forums but, am excited to get into it! Putter: Odyssey O-Works R-Line Wedges: Ping Glide 2.0 50°, 52°, 58°. Irons: Cobra King ForgedTec Black PW-5i. Rescue: Ping G - Regular Shaft (Should Probably Change to stiff). Woods: 5 Wood- Ping G Regular Shaft (probably should change) 3 Wood - Ping G400 Stiff Shaft. Driver: Ping G Regular Shaft. CHANGING TO A COBRA KING F9 TOMORROW!! Review coming soon after testing. Spares: 4iron (I simply get better results out of my 4 rescue). Gapwedge (I prefer my Ping Glide 2.0 50degree).
  8. Austin - Abu Dhabi Handicap- 3 Swing Speed - 105 with a driver. Honestly not too sure about my irons. Current Ball Played: Taylormade TP5x. Have you previously played the Z Star or XV: I have previously tested both balls, but they never made it fully into my bag. I would be happy to test them for the next 2 months and am willing to dedicate time to review them. I play golf every day and could potentially keep a diary on how I feel about them compared to other balls.
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