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  1. I'm heading towards retirement at 58 years old, just started learning two years ago. I do not have a legitimate handicap, because I've only complete 27 holes. The best thing about golf is the mathematical and geometrical challenge of the game. I stumbled upon the MyGolfSpy site and value the reviews. I'm born and raised in NYC..., my home course are the public courses of NYC until I can gather the yearly membership fees that are required to join private courses. The best thing about golf in the NYC region are the total number of public courses to choose from within 100 miles of my address, this number is close to 150! The worse thing about the region now is we don't have a normal spring anymore, global warming has turned this part of the country's weather into an unpredictable mess of chilly, rainy weather. I'm a Computer Technician working for the City of New York.
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