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  1. Ron Wildwood, MO Taylormade M4 D 6.2 index 96 mph TSi2
  2. Ron/St Louis, MO Handicap 7 Current Wedges: Cleveland Raw Tour Grind Love my Cleveland wedges but almost 25 years old
  3. Ron/ Wildwood, MO/ USA O-Works Center Shaft Black Piper C - love CS putters. Give me more stability in putterhead and sight alignment superior IMHO
  4. Ron Wildwood, MO 7.2 Callaway X-12 T-200 Haven't bought new clubs in ages and think the T-200 would best approximate my current clubs
  5. Ronald/MO 7.2 Callaway X-12 160 yards
  6. Ronald in Missouri I use an app on my smart phone for yardages I think technology is great to hone in on yardages, slope, hazards, etc on the course. It is especially useful in club fitting and swing adjustments at the indoor range on a simulator.
  7. Ron St Louis, MO Driver SS 108 Srixon Z Star Tour
  8. Ron/Missouri 7 Hdcp Callaway X-12 Irons 160 yard carry for 7 iron
  9. Ron/Missouri 8 hdcp Cleveland Raw Tour Grind Full Gap Wedge
  10. Ron - Wildwood, MO Handicap - 8 Current Irons - Callaway X-12 Prowler VT - +2" & +1degree if possible, stiff flex
  11. Ron-Missouri 8.2/102 mph Titliest ProV1 Have not played with either Srixon ball
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