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  1. I have heard great things about Honma but have never tried their clubs. Would absolutely LOVE to participate in this test!!!! And my wife has just bought a new set of irons but needs a driver!! WOW, perfect match!
  2. Would absolutely love to win the new putter or even the putting mat!!
  3. Would LOVE to test the new shaft and Evenroll putter. Great opportunity and thanks for providing!!
  4. Ron Wildwood, MO Taylormade M4 D 6.2 index 96 mph TSi2
  5. Ron/St Louis, MO Handicap 7 Current Wedges: Cleveland Raw Tour Grind Love my Cleveland wedges but almost 25 years old
  6. Ron/ Wildwood, MO/ USA O-Works Center Shaft Black Piper C - love CS putters. Give me more stability in putterhead and sight alignment superior IMHO
  7. Ron Wildwood, MO 7.2 Callaway X-12 T-200 Haven't bought new clubs in ages and think the T-200 would best approximate my current clubs
  8. Ronald/MO 7.2 Callaway X-12 160 yards
  9. Ronald in Missouri I use an app on my smart phone for yardages I think technology is great to hone in on yardages, slope, hazards, etc on the course. It is especially useful in club fitting and swing adjustments at the indoor range on a simulator.
  10. Ron/Missouri 7 Hdcp Callaway X-12 Irons 160 yard carry for 7 iron
  11. Ron/Missouri 8 hdcp Cleveland Raw Tour Grind Full Gap Wedge
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