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    Golf (duh), music, literature, other forms of sports ball, excellent food and delicious beverages.
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  1. Justin/Mukilteo, WA/USA PXG Bat Attack Tyne 3- The Ping WebFit system chose this putter for me and it is a similar model to what I'm playing allowing for a reasonable apples to apples comparison.
  2. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Golf season is upon us- hope you're all getting a chance to get out and enjoy it! I'm hoping to get my 5 year old daughter out on the course for the first time later this week. Between that and continuing to try out my new-to-me Ping Sigma Tyne H putter I bought based on MGS reviews, it's looking like a good week for golf
  3. Hey PNWers, I just found MGS and joined up pretty much right away. I love the idea of being part of a data-driven community and trying to move past the marketing that is so prevalent around the game. I've been playing for about 35 out of my 40 years on the planet in some shape or form. My dad was a high school teacher and golf coach, so I've been around the game my whole life. I've been getting more serious about it myself over the last few years and finally got my handicap into the single digits, currently at a 9.0. My dad still beats me most days (we'll see how tomorrow goes up at
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