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  2. Sounds good. My son lives in Lutherville. Keep me up to date.
  3. Howdy all. My name is Tim Schoch. Originally a New Jersey boy, I've been in VA for 4 years, living near Charlottesville. I'm a retired book author, writer, copywriter, and marketing professional. I've written about golf for GolfWRX and various publications going back into the 1970s. I won a golf magazine writing contest and a week's worth of lessons with Hank Haney, and until recently ran a golf blog. I still play older clubs because I simply can't find anything that is much of an improvement, and I've purchased many other iron sets and drivers for testing. The experience was rather eye-opening, and the big benefit is my confidence in my current set-up is rock solid. I don't doubt that anything else can make much of a difference, and that is a good feeling when I'm grinding over a putt for a 50-cent birdie. At my age and with my game playing only once or twice a week, my handicap in a given year can vary from 10 to 15. Currently it has been holding at 12. Nice to be here.
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