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  1. Joe Ortiz williamsburg, va spider x chalk slant neck i will test any of them, the number 3 would be good.
  2. The player: Current gamer - Titleist Pro V1 Yellow Handicap or Ave score - 3.9 7 iron carry distance with current ball - 155y Trajectory - high Putter - Taylor Made/Spider X Chalk/Pure Roll insert - I would consider it a medium insert The ball: Snell MTBx - Yellow 2020 Distance - Similar Trajectory - high (similar here as well, I hit the ball high) Spin - hop & stop (this is a bit different from the Pro V1, which seems to spin a little more, especially in the summer) Feel - I would call it a Firm with soft feel similar to Pro V1 Durability (1 round) - this is a tough one because I spin the ball. Most of the time I would say like new, but some times I can scuff the yellow paint just a little. Nothing that I feel would affect ball flight. Rating - Gamer Notes or writeup: I really like the Snell MTBx and gamed it all summer in 2019 and most of 2020. I like to play the yellow ball in the winter, just because it is easy for me to see. I usually play the white version in the summer. There are some differences in the stamping between the white and yellow with the Snell MTBx. The White seems to hold up a little better. I don't have any empirical evidence, but I felt like the white ball went a little further. I went back to the Pro V1 in the middle of 2020, just because I didn't want to buy 3 dozen at a time and I was trying out AVX, TP5, Z-Star and new Chrom Soft as well. There is a good chance I will go back to Snell when I finish off my current stock. My current bag.
  3. Joe Williamsburg, Virginia I walk 95% of the time. I use the Big Max Blade IP Push Cart/Trolley
  4. Joe Williamsburg, VA Ping G410 Plus/Rogue Silver 60g S 110 MSi 3.2 104 TSi3
  5. Tier 5: Nate Lashley; Winning Score: -11
  6. Joe 3.9 have not used a system, just a putting mat at home. Would love to try it.
  7. Joe, Williamsburg 105 Was ProV1 - recently changed to Snell MTB-X (in the last month) I sampled a Snell sleeve 2 years ago
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