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  1. Dusty / minden Louisiana Just been eyeballing everything so interested in what having a range finder will do for my game
  2. Dusty /Louisiana 10 Have tried one didn't seem like helped tho would definitely love to try being putting is main thing needing work
  3. Dusty minden Louisiana 95 Noodle + No experience with Snell
  4. Dusty/ Louisiana Odyssey crimson series 550 mallet Right hand Wanting to try new style putters new to game and haven't found one yet that's comfortable in my hand heard good things about this putter so wanting to see if it will improve my short game
  5. Dusty- Louisiana 13 / 105 Noodle + I have not used either of these new to game but do use sirxon z945 irons and seem to work well for me so interested in trying these balls.
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