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  1. I use a Rife Switchback Two putter which has adjustable weights. I usually use the same red weights all the time. Each set of weights is a different color so it is easy to see at a glance which ones are on the putter (blue are 2 5 grams weights, red two 10 gram weights, and black two 15 gram weights). However if I am going to play a course with very fast greens and don't have hours to get used to the speed I will switch to the blue lighter weights. I will take the weight kit with me to the course and figure out which ones work the best on the practice green. I assume it is the same speed as on the course. I want to use about the same stroke as usual so the lighter weights make the ball go about the same distance as I am used to. Depending on your type of stroke - gravity driven pendulum or more mechanical - you could do better on faster greens with a heavier or a lighter putter (usually in that order - heavier for pendulum stroke and lighter for mnechanicsl stroke). Do some experimentation to see which works for you and whether you should switch weights at all..
  2. Did Crossdield define what the colors mean? Is green more forgiving?
  3. If I became a tester would I be allowed to alter the club(s) to fit me before testing? If so, great! If not, I couldn't be a tester. I use longer clubs. My waist is 45 inches off the ground with relatively short arms and torso which raises my hands farther off the ground than most people, especially those my height (6'1/2").
  4. I agree on the high bounce 60 wedge. I use one and find it relatively easy to use. I just need to hit the ground directly under the back edge of the ball and it pops up like it should. It makes a loud thump from hitting the ground. The wedge also works well from the sand around the green. The ball gets up quickly and the wide sole prevents digging. The ball stops pretty quickly with some spin.
  5. The history of KZG can explain (but not justify) this policy. The company waS founded in 1994 by Jennifer King and her husband. He died early on. She is not a golfer. I used to work for a Top 100 rated independent club fitter named Leith Anderson. He sold KZG, but got fed up with trying to deal with her unresonabble attitude and stopped buying their heads. It is too bad because the clubs are high quality, but the leadership is unreasonable.
  6. That is especially true if the heel-toe weight distribution of two heads being compared is significantly different. Heel weighting closes the face and toe weighting opens it. Most modern heads have fairly low centers of gravity so a difference there would be rare. A few have a COG closer to the face which also makes the club play way differently. even with the same shaft. Weighting toward the face makes a driver swing feel more like an iron and tends to keep the face open longer.
  7. I agree on having room for a few extra clubs (for experimenting on the range or course). Those who complain about grips getting tangled up just need to shake the bag and they all go to the bottom and come out smoothly.
  8. It is impossible to do a good clubfitting from a website. There isn't enough information collected to do a good job fitting the shaft(s), head(s), grip(s), length(s), shaft bend point(s), shaft torque, etc. Posture, body proportions, swing style, and a lot other factos vary too much from golfer to golfer. As an example, my waist is significantly higher than on most guys my height. That raises my hands farther fromn the ground. A wrist to floor measurement doesn't take that into consideration, but it would be apparent after a SKILLFUL fitter watched me swing.
  9. A factor most don't consider is the location of the center of gravity in the driver head. Most have a deep COG - way back away from the face. That is apparently easier to hit for most people. For some reason I don't know I hit drivers with the center of gravity close to the face much better - both straighter and farther. My guess is because it feels more lkike an iron, but nthat is just a guess. Finding a head with that COG narrows the possible choiices way down to a few. It also reduces my looking once I find a good one. My current gamer is from 2016. I spray the shots with a deep COG driver and hit the front COG ones straight - completely backwards from conventional advice.
  10. You got to heart of the matter. The head by itself is not the answer. The head and shaft combination is what works or doesn't. Thanks for mentioning the shaft.
  11. Actually it is the opposite. The loft (face angle) in relation to the shaft can be changed however the sole won't be quite flat on the ground when the shaft is absolutely straight (not hands forward nor back at address). However, the face angle (draw/fade) cannot be changed. It is the relationship of the sole to the face angle when the sole is flat on the ground. The lie angle can be changed. In other words, when the shaft is straight (hands not forward nor back at address) it will be more vertical (more upright) when the head is in the 'draw' setting or less vertical (flatter) than neutral when in the fade setting. A more upright setting will promote a draw and vice versa, but you are not really changing the draw/fade-open/closed face angle. By the way, if your driver and/or fairways have changable weights in the heel/toe or front/back you can adjust how fast thye face will close near impact. Weight more towards the toe or more towards the face will keep the face open longer to prevent hooks. Weight more towards the heel or more towards the back of the head will close the face faster to prevent slices.
  12. I bought a couple dozen previous year Srixon Z-Star XVs and tested them in water with dissolved epsom salts. They barely float in that solution. I marked the top of each ball when it stopped spinning. When I re-spun each ball none of them came up to the same place twice. That means every one was extremely well balanced. Good quality balls. Long hitting off the tee and high spin around the greens too.
  13. That the bck of my left hand and the palm of my right hand are pointing at the target at impact.
  14. golfballs.com. Wait for their deals.
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