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  1. A factor most don't consider is the location of the center of gravity in the driver head. Most have a deep COG - way back away from the face. That is apparently easier to hit for most people. For some reason I don't know I hit drivers with the center of gravity close to the face much better - both straighter and farther. My guess is because it feels more lkike an iron, but nthat is just a guess. Finding a head with that COG narrows the possible choiices way down to a few. It also reduces my looking once I find a good one. My current gamer is from 2016. I spray the shots with a deep COG driver and hit the front COG ones straight - completely backwards from conventional advice.
  2. You got to heart of the matter. The head by itself is not the answer. The head and shaft combination is what works or doesn't. Thanks for mentioning the shaft.
  3. Actually it is the opposite. The loft (face angle) in relation to the shaft can be changed however the sole won't be quite flat on the ground when the shaft is absolutely straight (not hands forward nor back at address). However, the face angle (draw/fade) cannot be changed. It is the relationship of the sole to the face angle when the sole is flat on the ground. The lie angle can be changed. In other words, when the shaft is straight (hands not forward nor back at address) it will be more vertical (more upright) when the head is in the 'draw' setting or less vertical (flatter) than neutral when in the fade setting. A more upright setting will promote a draw and vice versa, but you are not really changing the draw/fade-open/closed face angle. By the way, if your driver and/or fairways have changable weights in the heel/toe or front/back you can adjust how fast thye face will close near impact. Weight more towards the toe or more towards the face will keep the face open longer to prevent hooks. Weight more towards the heel or more towards the back of the head will close the face faster to prevent slices.
  4. I bought a couple dozen previous year Srixon Z-Star XVs and tested them in water with dissolved epsom salts. They barely float in that solution. I marked the top of each ball when it stopped spinning. When I re-spun each ball none of them came up to the same place twice. That means every one was extremely well balanced. Good quality balls. Long hitting off the tee and high spin around the greens too.
  5. That the bck of my left hand and the palm of my right hand are pointing at the target at impact.
  6. golfballs.com. Wait for their deals.
  7. Keep hitting the 3 wood off the tee for the time being. Practice with the driver on the range. Figure out what is different about yoiur 3 wood swing and your driver swing. Copy your 3 wood swing with your driver. Stop trying to hit up on the ball with your driver. Instead, swing level with the ground through the ball. That usually leads to way more consistency. I have read that testing shows most tour pros swing level through the ball, not up on it. Swinging up on the ball makes it difficult to keep a consistent left wrist position at impact. It collapses and opens the face one time. The next time it rolls over and you hit it left. Swinging level through the ball should stop or minimize that.
  8. If you don't play enough to keep your golfing muscles in good condition & sufficient strength there is any easy solution. Get an old steel shafted wood, cut a hole in the end of the grip. Drop split shot (usually used for fishing) into the hole one at a time. Use a steel rod with a small enough diameter that it will go through the hole to the bottom of the shaft. Hold the head and ram each piece of split shot to the bottom of the shaft so it stays in place, then add another one. Keep adding them until it is heavy enough to be like lifting weights for golf - sort of like a leaded bat in baseball. Swing it only a few times the first day so you don't hurt yourself. Gradually increase the number of repetitions until you are swinging it 50 or more times each day. It takes only about 5 minutes in the driveway. I do 70 reps. It will force you to use your legs and body to initiate your downswing and to delay your wrist uncock. It also forces a full follow through. You will swing better, hit the ball farther and straighter. You will have enough strength to control the clubface.
  9. I golfer has the opportunity of a lifetime. He gets to play St. Andrews. As it happens he struggle with bad shots. Toward the end of the round he says in that he wants to drown himself. The St. Andrews caddie says, "I don't think you could keep your head down that long." (Supposedly a true story).
  10. I have found champ spikes to be must sturdier than other brands. I go out of my way to find them when replacing the old spikes.
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