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  2. MGS has certainly ruffled a few feathers in the industry .... BUT 1. The TXG testing on the Snell MTB-X and Chrome Soft X comes with very different conclusions 2. The TXG testing on Srixon Z Star XV and Wilson Duo also comes with different conclusions. TXG is a respected entity 3. When I add the Chrome Soft to the raw data of example #2 above, based on the MGS data it outperforms both balls at 85 mph (Irons), and the line from Titlkeist for years has been -- start from the green and work backwards towards driver performance. Yet this Srixon ZV is termed as a Very Good Ball and the Callaway as Fair. 4. We know that Callaway provides their tour staff with a different ball; but so do Titleist (ask Justin Thomas etc) and I would be surprised if TM don't do the same for Rory et al. 5. There have been some unbelievable claims in the Forum over driver distance gains by change of ball - (look up the meaning of the word unbelievable in the directory..). Simply not possible. A recent President would be proud of those claims... 6. I think the summary of the report is too biased towards Driver at Higher speed with not enough emphasis on overall scoring performance... as an example, the value "feel" is underestimated - some would view Pro V1x and Bridgestone B X as "clicky off the putter face and discount them. (NB: Drive for show; Putt for dough) I appreciate "feel" cannot be measured - it cannot be captured in raw data format and like love, is very much in the eyes of the beholder. 7. In summary, a very interesting start to the subject matter - congrats to MGS , but do use stronger caveats to the conclusions.. PS I immediately went out to buy the Chrome Soft Triple Strip - if it is good eenough for Phil, it works for me...
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