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  1. Thanks for your input Mike. Definitely a problem with the clubs. Everyone in my foursome has taken a hits the with clubs and produced similar damage to their balls, particularly with the fairway metals. Interesting about the F6. I am not familiar with the club. I also purchased the F9 hybrid, which does not have the CNC milled face and the sharp open channel that surrounds it. It performs fine and causes no damage to my balls. As I said in the post retailers of the clubs are aware of the problem. A PGA Superstore club fitter informed me they have seen this as well.
  2. I recently purchased the Cobra F9 Driver and two fairway metals. Hit the clubs mostly indoor with range balls February and March. Loved the performance. When the weather broke in the midwest and I started to get out to play, Immediately noticed a problem with my balls. The thin channel that runs around the milled face on these clubs was shredding balls on contact. I have played golf for over 40 years, and neither myself or my golf buddies have seen anything like it. I have since tested various brand balls with different cover material, all with the same results. I have taken this up with Cobra
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