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  1. 2 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    Which ventus shaft? The made for or real deal. Unfortunately they look the same but are completely different. Just want to make sure that anyone comes in has an understanding of which one. My guess is that based on what you were fit to with the hzrdus green and it being a stock offering the ventus used in the fitting was the made for. 

    Good point and sorry bout that. Yes, I tested the "real" Ventus shafts. I tried the blue 6-7S & 6-7X. I really wanted to love them.....just wasn't getting the perform out of them that I got with the Smoke Green.

  2. After finding and going through a quality Driver fitting (The Performance Center at Sawgrass - Josh Gumlia), I would argue you can't afford NOT to do a driver fitting. Here's what I mean......I can't tell you how many off the rack clubs I've purchased over the years (LOTS of $$) that absolutely wasn't right for me (wasted $). This is what the manufacturers count on!

    Today, I'm playing my best golf ever with fitted clubs and vowed NEVER to buy another club off the rack that I know I'll abandon shortly after buying.....BECAUSE it's not right for me!

    I'd recommend doing a proper fitting. Once you know what you want, search the golf forums and Market place for what you need and buy used. There's a lot of great used stuff out there! I'd even tell the fitter that you want to try several 18-19' model shafts. You can usually find 1-3 year old shafts online cheap. I've got one for sale in the classifieds here now for less than 1/2 what it cost new.

    Here's another option.....find a used head you like: TM M2 (Still one of the greatest heads ever made), M5 or M6. Take that head to the fitting and find a shaft that works for you. I would think you could be all in around $500 or less. I've seen 2 M2's on local FB Market place in the last week for $100.

    Just my opinion. Good luck in your search.

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  3. Little back story first. Went through a driver fitting at The Performance Center at Sawgrass about 1 1/2 years ago (prior to Ventus launch) and ended up with a TM M6, 10.5 with Tensei Orange 60g, stiff shaft.. SS was right at 100.

    A year later and much stronger (14 months in the gym), my M6 blew up. Went back to The Performance Center to test all the new drivers and hit the Ventus. I really wanted the Ventus, hit several shafts in the SIM Max and it just didn't fit my swing.

    Ended up with SIM Max 9.0 w/Hzrdous Smoke Green, 70g shaft. SS now 109.

    Played my first full round with it Sunday and had a phenomenal driving day!! Love this new driver!


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  4. Fellas,

    I’ve taken my fitness to a new level over the past 14 months. Was fitted for this shaft at The Performance Center at Sawgrass. My swing speed is up 9 mph and ended up in a different shaft during my latest driver fitting.

    This is the Tensei, Orange, Stiff Shaft, 60g w/TaylorMade adapter. Has a like new, GP MCC+4 Red/black grip.

    $100 shipped to your door. Prefer Venmo.






  5. Hey fellas,

    Got these for my birthday or Christmas (can’t remember now)....used them a few times.My swing speed is right where I want it right now.

    If you are looking at these, you know what they cost. I’ll also through the Stability Pad in (additional $49.99).

    You get all 3 sticks and pad shipped to your door for $125. I’d prefer Venmo....but, we can talk about other options for serious buyers.



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  6. 1 hour ago, GolfSpy Stroker said:

    Definitely envy you from up here in the NE where it was 24 this morning!

    I bought a red/black C300 bag just like yours last year.  Best one I've ever owned.

    Q: what's a 'scramble pic' ?  Is that a monopod for video/photo of your swing?

    No. It’s actually called “The Scramble Stick”. You can pick up a golf ball without leaning out of the cart😃🤪

    Played in tourney recently who had one. I’ve got to admit, it was pretty handy using it to grab his drives on the way to mine! 

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  7. Hey fellas,

    Pretty happy with the current setup....so decided to participate.

    TaylorMade SIM Max 9* Driver with Hzrdous Smoke Green Small Batch 70g stiff Shaft

    TaylorMade SIM Titanium 3w Fairway with Diamana 75g limited stiff shaft

    TaylorMade SIM Titanium 5w Fairway with Diamana 75g limited stiff shaft

    Srixon Z785 irons, 4iron through A wedge with Nippon Modus 120g stiff shafts

    Callaway Jaws wedges with Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts - 54* & 58*

    TaylorMade TP Collection, Ardmore 2, 35” Putter w/Evnroll Gravity Grip

    All clubs are gripped with Golf Pride MCC+4 Blk/Blu






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  8. Picked up my new SIM Max, 9* head w/Hzrdous Smoke, Green, 70g shaft last week. Played my first full round with it yesterday. I love this thing. Had my best driver day in a long time. Shaft and head combo just works for me. Long and straight. Also put the SIM 3w & 5w titanium heads with Diamana 75g shafts. Loving everything about them!

    Coming from a TM M2, followed by a M6....I can say the SIM Max has a different feel and sound, which suits my eye and ear perfectly.

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  9. Selling a combo set of ‘19 Callaway Apex irons with Steelfiber I95 Stiff Shafts. A-8 irons are Apex Pro’s and 7-4 irons are Apex. All irons have the new Lamkin blue grips that come only on the Jaws wedges (you can’t buy this in stores yet). Set comes with 4 extra grips, and 4 Callaway hats. All irons are standard length, loft and lie. All gaps were adjusted by The Performance Center at TPC. These irons were in the bag for 3 months and are in excellent condition. This combo set retails for $1880 (minus hats and extra grips).

    I'll take $900. PM here. I'll take check (item will ship once check clears), paypal (friend or fees), venmo or cash. Live in NE FL.











  10. 39 minutes ago, jlukes said:

    I gotta say, if you are finding the Tour B X spinny off the driver, it isn't the ball.  It is a swing/Driver head issue

    Who knows.....I'm definitely not a machine and like most of us...can hit loose shots. However, I'm not a hack and typically pretty good off the tee with Driver and 3Wood.

    However, I will say this......My TM M6 blew up last week. Expecting my replacement this week and will retest. Doesn't change the fact that I don't like how hard it feels!


    TM M6.jpg

  11. 7 minutes ago, Smellis745 said:

    What kind of flight are you seeing that makes you feel it's spinny off the driver?  That ball should not be a high spin ball with driver.

    Haven't hit it on any monitors.....my statement is purely based on feel and sight. It definitely feels hard and clicky to me. 

    Dispersion is definitely not as tight for me and my swing, as I'm usually seeing more curve off Driver and 3Wood. Distances have been between +/- 5 yards of my AVX.


  12. 15 hours ago, jlukes said:

    From what I've been told by people in the industry, on partial shots where the core isn't compressed, spin is generated from from the soft cover working against a firmer mantle/core. Therefore a firmer ball may spin more 

    Makes sense to me........I'm one of the white box testers selected here and was fitted for the Tour BX. I don't like it at all. Feels very hard and clicky and is very spinny off the driver!

  13. This is obviously a reaction to the "Direct to Consumer" ball market and it's proof the impact is real and painful.

    What makes no sense to me is why they waited so long to respond and why they went through all this trouble.

    To me.....it would have been simple. Sell their "real" balls for $10-15 cheaper per box. Don't know their markup....but would be shocked if it's not huge. 

    Personally, I think they waited too long to respond and most of the customers they've lost will not come back for a ball named "Union Green"!!

    Lastly, who in the hell named this? 

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