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  1. Ping 410 is the real deal. My club had a demo day Friday evening. Went over with ZERO intentions of buying, as I went through my entire bag earlier this year at the Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass. Just wanted to check things out and hit a few clubs (primarily wedges). Visited each tent for a few minutes and chatted with the rep's. Ping guys talked me into hitting the Ping 410 LST (I've gamed several different LST Ping drivers over the years). Gave them the specs of my gamer - TM M6 Tensing Orange Stiff.

    Proceeded to tee a few up. Liked the way the head looked and felt, but first shaft didn't work for me. After a few different shafts....I proceeded to rope drives over the net at the end of the range. Club felt incredible and felt as if I "couldn't" miss. Again....had no intentions of buying any clubs....especially a new driver. BUT....this was just too good. Grabbed my TM and performed a little test of my own. Hit 12 balls with each stick...……...well....now I own a new 410 LST. Anyone looking for a nice TM M6? LOL

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  2. My local Costco had the gloves in July....so picked up a pack. My impression...…….WOW. One of the best gloves I've had and for the money...this is a NO BRAINER! Went back to stock up more while they had them....3 pk for $14.95.

    I'm in NE FL and it's been hot.....been rotating between the first 3 gloves (drying during round). All 3 are still in great shape with little to no wear after a dozen rounds and many range sessions.

  3. On ‎7‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 9:20 AM, russtopherb said:

    There's an older YouTube video about the driver that's aimed at chronic slicers that talks about setting up with the driver in the middle of your stance and just letting the ball get in the way of a full swing. I remember watching it a few times when I was fighting a banana slice and the concept made a lot of sense to me. 

    I used to video my swing but I found that I would then go apply a million tips I found on the Internet and none of them would ever work for more than a range session or two. So I just stick with the basics that I learned over a few lessons with a former mini-tour player and they do OK for me. My biggest issue, like yours Rick, is just not enough time out on the actual course vs. being a range rat.

    Morning fellas - Thanks for posting this video....it REALLY helped me. First, I'm 49 and have a 9.6 Handicap. I've been struggling with my Driver for the past few weeks. Low and left, which is not normal for me at all. My tempo would get out of whack, causing me to swing harder and harder which just caused things to get worse as the round went on.

    Went to the range after work and really focused on staying relaxed and generating a good swing tempo. My swing thought was simply keeping tempo in check. I used another "tip" from a thread here, which was to repeat "Ernie Els"....Ernie in the backswing and Els in the downswing.

    Didn't get to hit my driver on the range, as tees were all the way forward....but I was bouncing my 3 wood off the net with a nice little draw.

    Decided to try the driver....so I went to the course and played a few holes. Played 4 holes and hit 2 drives per hole using the direction from this video and using the "Ernie Els" swing thought. Absolutely crushed all 8 right down my target line with a slight right to left (5 yards) draw!!!

    Really excited about this, as the rest of my game has been pretty solid and looking to get my handicap consistently back down around 6.

    So, again, thanks Russtopherb for posting up this video!

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