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  1. Car battery. Atv battery... dirt bike... golf carts. Anything with 6v or more battery
  2. Tony? Will you buy one and test it out
  3. Just connect both clips to one battery. Trust me. Very handy. Always there when I need it. I would love it if you would grab one off Amazon and tell me what you think. Also whats great is the dual usb ports. So you can charge your speaker and a phone.
  4. If you connect to one battery. Shouldnt be any issues.
  5. Honestly I didnt know golf carts came with 8 volt batteries
  6. Thanks for the great response and support. Ob electric carts you just have to connect both clips to the same battery. To avoid getting the full series of charge. We have the directions on the packaging.
  7. Thank you for the input. I appreciate it. If anyone can help me out with this process just let me know.
  8. Lol.... 7-8 years of running mine and I have never even popped the in line fuse. Try one out. If you don’t like it. Amazon includes a free return label. I would love a couple of you guys to try one an give some real input. Send me addresses I Will give a way a couple to guys who think they would use it I am easy going guy. Just trying to start a little business. I know this product has really helped me out over the years.
  9. For me way easier. Stick it in my bag. If I need it grab it. Clip it on and charge. I simply I guess am not prepared enough to always having a portable charger charged up and ready to go. Then Remember to grab it when heading to the course. With this product. Simply always there if I need it. Direct charge off the golf cart battery. Also if i forgot to charge my range finder. Which happens all the time. Can charge it while I play.
  10. Yea Absolutely. So my buddy and I got so tired of trying to run GPS on our phones but our phone dying on the course. So we started trying to come up with a way to charge up. Obviously if you play courses with built in usb you don’t really need it. Unfortunately I have only played one course ever with a USB port. Also the way I play golf. Its never really planned out. Its usually 5 pm. The baby falls asleep. I say to the wife hey mind if I go play 9. So I just keep one of these in my bag. Phone is never charged at that time of the day and never have a power bank ready to go. I have had one in my bag for 8 years actually. I also keep one in my back pack when im riding atv just in case my 4 wheeler wont start and I cant use the 12v. Just a couple of guys who love golf love the outdoors who wanted to solve an issue. This definitely solves a big problem for a lot of golfers on the course. Thanks for letting us join the forum.
  11. Check out this product. Finally a way to charge your cell phone, gps, range finder on the course. Super simple. Flip the seat on the cart. Connect the alligator clips to the battery. Flip seat down. Boom!! Start charging EZ Charge - Portable Dual USB Golf Cart Cell Phone Charger Universal Battery Quick Connect for ATV UTV Boat Dirt Bike RV Motorcycle Snowmobile Tractor Survival Emergency 12v Power Outlet Charge Bank https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QFBVHH1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NiH3CbX7K7PBX
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