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  1. I put mine on cruise control when I am climbing up and incline. It engages the wheels in a kind of a "positrack" type mode. The wheels are both turning simultaneously in the same way a 4 wheel drive works. WHen this feature is not engaged, it seems to be independently trying to keep the cart going straight by using the computer to apply power to each wheel. Not sure if that helps but I have quite a load on my cart and have a clicgear model 8 (4 wheel) with a cooler and a bose speaker and a crat bag that's not too light. Moderate hills at my club. This pic is before I added the Ewheels, but its the same load of stuff.
  2. It’s looking like Shoal Creek and Dubbs Dred.
  3. Yeah, myself as well. We are driving up form Tulsa so I can go anywhere I want. I'm not restricted by location or other things we have to do in that area or anything.
  4. Yeah, I think that will definitely be 1 of the 2 we play.
  5. 5.3 Tulsa, OK. Callaway Apex irons 8 iron carry 135-140 I have seen articles in Golf Digest and on line in the last 12 mths. DTC club maker. I love the thinner top line look but outside of blades, I have not found a very forgiving club that has that combination. The Hogan Icons look promising and maybe these also are the ticket? I like black clubs.
  6. I don't know yet? Probably Overland park area?
  7. Yeah those sound great. Dubbs Dred is one I have looked at. I'll check out Falcon Lakes. Thanks
  8. Don’t know yet. But we are driving, so I can go anywhere.
  9. Mike Milburn - Tulsa, Ok. Garmin G8, S10 watch, in cart club car screen w gps usually it’s the club car screen, Unless I’m walking or it’s cart path only
  10. My wife and I are traveling to Kansas City for a week in September. Any suggestions on good courses to play?
  11. I have the exact same setup v1 on clic gear model 8 (4 wheel) cart. I love it and now several club members have gone and gotten the new version with the “follow me” feature. They are back ordered nationwide. I hope mine lasts several more years but I will buy another one if it ever fails.
  12. I’m not exactly sure why 95? I assume that the average golfer has 32-33 putts per round? Add that to 72 and it’s 95? He just told me it will usually be within a stroke or 2 of my actual score. Ironically, today I shot 76 and I hit 10 greens. I stopped keeping up with putts, but today I counted them up and I had 32 putts. I had 10 cracks at birdie but only made 1. Out of those 10, I was really out of legit birdie range on at least 5 or 6. So my shots into the pin were not all really close. But when it comes to what stat affects my score, this is it. If I wanted to drill down on this, I guess I could try to improve proximity to the whole. But for me, this is a good goal that, most of the time, gives me a goal that drives down my score. I’ll take the birdies when they come. You can beat this with a really good short game but I prefer putting more than scrambling with chips and pitches as much as possible.
  13. I see the point you are trying to make about proximity to the hole, but an old golf coach I used to play with gave me a great little formula for GIR. If you typically can 2 putt 90 percent of the greens, you can reliably use this. I doubt anyone would 3 putt all 18 greens (40 putts) if they hit 14 greens in regulation, but I would argue that their biggest problem is not irons. It’s putting. If you can hit 14 greens you better be shooting in the 60s. # of GIR x 2 subtracted from 95 = your score (+/- 1 stroke) So, if you can hit 10 greens, you should shoot around 75 every time. Try it. It’s my goal to hit 5 on each side. I’m always amazed when it works out to my exact score. 4 par 3s, maybe you hit 3? 4 par 5s maybe you hit 3? 10 par 4s left to hit the remaining 4?
  14. I didn’t put this one on the list, but Firewheel over in Garland was a fun track. Some strange hole designs going on there but very scenic and it was not overly priced and made for a fun day.
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