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Growing up a navy brat I had the excellent opportunity to experience golf in all 4 corners of the US. 

I had a passion for golf at a young age, growing up with a dad, step father and multiple uncles that loved the game and helped me grow as a golfer and human being. 

I played mediocre high school golf but truly enjoyed the challenge and the competition. I struggled with the important aspects of the game but always had the ability to hit it a mile. Hindsight

Spent a large amount of time at two great semi private courses in Pensacola Fl working my way from cart barn to pro shop all while having a blast working on my game and playing golf until dark. 

Once I decided my game was worthy of decent competition I tried out for a small community college located in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho called NIC and was fortunate enough to be able to walk on the team. 

At NIC I fine tuned my game and created a lifelong brotherhood with my teammates and coach over my two year span. Being located in a smaller community in the great white north we had the opportunity to put our game to the test against much larger NCAA schools like WSU and U of I, getting a personal view of what top tier collegiate golf looked like and how we weren't too far off. 

Since then I have been able to maintain a single digit handicap, fortunately enough, but just thoroughly enjoy the game and the experience the golf course brings. 




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