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  1. R. Grant Clive IA & Scottsdale AZ 112 mph Chrome Soft X 40 yr old try and play 2 times a week No prior experience with Snell branded balls, except the ones he has designed previously with other "names" on them.
  2. *Titleist D3. 8.5 VA Drago 70tx / *Callaway Rogue SZ 9 HC Hzrdus Blk 60tx *Callaway 816 Tour 14.5 Ozik 80M5x Titleist TMB 2i Tensi CK Pro Wht 90x Callaway UTX 22* 4i KBS Tour V 130x 5-9 Apex ProX forged KBS Tour V 125x 45-50-55-60 JP wedges 130x modus by Nippon D4-D8 Old-school GP Victory Green w/rib Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Blk or Scotty Cameron Newport MidSur Newport head adjusted to reg size, both 35" D9 370 headweight Callaway Chrome Soft X ( looking to test new Pro V-1x and Snell. I was a huge fan of the Past Pro V-1x balls, but was confused by the change. Bag: JP org design by Titleist.
  3. Hey MSG world, glad I finally joined so I can hop in on some topics. Love the work they do and have been a follower for years. Played 7-8 years on various Tours after college golf. I work in the golf industry, I own a small sports Management company, based on mostly golf, charities, hospitality and events. Our company is agnostic, we have contracts with all of the major brands but we supply what our consumer wants. I love that I can come to MSG for unbiased results as I try to help all of our clients and USE true raw data. I am obviously of the opinion that everyone should get fit, but they're results don't lie on what performs the best overall. Looking to talk some golf with new friends and some old ones. Best, RG
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