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  1. Compared them to the TaylorMade p790's and Titleist AP3's. Hogan's felt nicer than both with performance similar to all of them.
  2. Been trying for years. Some buddies back in the 90's and even earlier in the 2000's said it was a lot easier to get the tickets - today though, it's tough. I've been trying for about 15 years now - Here's to hoping this is the time!
  3. A couple of months ago, I demoed and ultimately purchased a set of the PTX irons. Honestly, I've always been a fan of the Hogan clubs I've seen in the past and am glad I went ahead. They are about as nice feeling as any club I've hit with just the right everything for me - size, shape, offset, topline. They inspire confidence and they feel great. And given the price point, it's really a club that is an all around tough to beat model.
  4. Your First Name City of Residence - Tom - Willow Grove, PA Swing Speed - 101 Lefthand Current Primary Ball - Snell MTB Black - I've been playing the Snell MTB Black since April 2018 exclusively. Have another couple of dozen before I have to reorder. Found the ball to be exceptional in keeping my ballflight from ballooning off the driver and provides nice feel around the greens. I have recommended this ball to playing partners over the last year and firmly stand behind it as a good product, especially given the direct marketing price. In addition to playing golf, I have hit the Snell MTB Black in my home Skytrak simulator and compared the ball to other balls indoors for ballflight, spin, consistency, distance and feel. Have found it to be on par closest with the ProV with the exception of durability. I've cracked a number of Snell balls over this time but only one Bridgestone. Never a Titleist ironically and believe me I've tried. Once the dimples are worn I will retire the ball from testing and that's happened well before a crack has appeared. Other than that, no complaints. Based on the mygolfspy ball testing I was going to order the MTB-X ball but like you said it's been out of stock.
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