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  1. I believe the R-motion he is referring to is not the MLM that uses a sensor attached to your phone. The R-Motion is a small sensor you attach to the shaft that tries to calculate this information. I tried out R-Motion on mobile app about a year ago and through it gave me some good information it was very cumbersome. I was hoping to couple it with my Optishot 2 since R-motion displays face angle, path and attack angle. which is something Optishot is a bit questionable or non existent.
  2. This is a great opportunity and apparently the have enough stock to do this thats great. Good luck to the testers. I have some "grass" carpet that i use on occasion but I just dont spend the time when im home to practice i need to force myself to get to the course and focus. Good Luck all
  3. Wow a whole season that would be tough for me. There was plenty of course management but I feel like it was more strategy of planning for the course ahead of time to decide the clubs. I agree that having all 14 is less mentally taxing especially knowing that you have the ability to take 10-30 yards off any club if need be. I may keep it in my practice rotation once a month or so to keep honing those skills its like playing with my old set of blades just an extra layer of challenge to practice. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. O yea the course is hugely important playing the back nine would have changed my selection for sure. @Buffly it is defiantly a game centered around course planning and partial shots it really forces you to dial distance control.
  5. Tuesday I got out to play 18 and played ok but as I was finishing i had some time and played an extra 9 and only took 4 clubs just to play quicker. Since they aerated the greens the day before i left the putter in the car. So my question to all of you would be what 4 clubs (not including putter) would you choose and why? My choices were (playing an old set of MP-33s so distances were at least a club short): Driver: Got to put the big dog in. I actually went back and forth between this or 4 wood to stay a little safe in the fairway and would have shifted the 8 to a 7 but the course is pretty open and i was striking it pretty well. 5 iron: The main reason I chose this were the fact that 1 of the par 3s is 182yrds downhill which lined up vary nicely with this club. 8 irons: I have noticed especially on the front nine i end up just inside 150yrds so having the 8 as a solid 145 club was preferred Pitching Wedge: I needed a wedge and this wedge is 48* it was a good middle ground for around the green End result I actually beat my first round 9 of a 43 and shot 41 while putting with a 5i..... are 14 clubs to many choices?
  6. Those are some interesting view points II dont know that I would have deduced those same points but I agree with 2 & 3, if you mean biased to specific geometry. If you mean biased in the fact that Maltby has high numbers I disagree, If a brand has a formula for what you think is best for the player why not maximize it?
  7. I completely agree but unless you decide you want to dive deep into how MPF is determined that is not clear to most users. Obviously there are other factors that MPF ignores such as sole width, blade length, shaft and others that play a big role as well but it just gets more and more complicated. Yes Yes and Yes. Part of my Golf Physics deep dive is to have some sort of understanding of the main factors and how they truly impact the golfer. I think this would go a long way in also helping MGS get irons in TrueGolfFit
  8. Alright well i guess the quote was officially 100+ points would be the point where it would be noticeable. http://ralphmaltby.com/forum/question/noticeability-of-mpf/ I think what would be best would be rather then a higher is more best scale it should be a matrix of hitting principles. Lets say if your a toe striker vs need to get the ball up or your a digger. this would be a way to help give golfers a better idea to relate it instead of simply a specific score.
  9. pozzit

    TXG 100K Giveaway

    For all who care to participate the Candidates have been posted on Youtube. Good luck to all those guys sees like we have a wide variety of personalities
  10. I am undecided on MPF. I really like the idea of being able to compare clubs based on the fundamental geometry but think there are some flaws with MPF making assumptions of what makes the best parameters are. The fundamentals are around helping golfers get the ball airborne like @Hook DeLoft mentions. Center of Mass is everything to MPF. Having a long blade with more weight on the toe side and low COG is optimal. Since the hosel is heavy and is not the club face it pulls a lot of weight away from the center of the face (where most believe is the center of mass) Use it as a basic guideline but comparing one of the most visually SGI irons the Wilson Launchpad irons are 518 MPF and MP-33 blade is 419 MPF both fall into the Better Players Only Category. Ralph Maltby also mentioned most wouldn't be able to distinguish a 100 MPF point difference.
  11. I actually really like graphs like this and noticed you van add in the new JPX line as well for comparison. Its interesting see that the JPX Tour & MP MCC are so close and the Forged and MP HMB are near identical. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. If you have other HMB you could just measure it. Blade Length is from the toe to the center line of the shaft. A quick Googling found on mizuno site they give a graphic comparing the sizes of the MP-20 line https://mizunogolf.com/us/golf-clubs/mp-series/mp-20/ The HMB 6i comes out to 3.169in so indistinguishable (0.008") from TS-1 Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  13. I know this is a bit late in the game but I found a cool tool to make simple free apps so I made a Speed Stick App if anyone wants to try and use it Speed Stick Tracker
  14. I know this is a little late for for tracking the SuperSpeed Tester Forum but I just came across this program that lets you make basic free apps from Google Docs. So I build myself and the community one. Swing Speed Tracker App (Should work on Android and Apple but not in App stores due to design of app) Feel free to test it out if you want. We may run into a limit depending on how many people join. Also if you want more information about this app service let me know.
  15. Thats awesome glad you picked it up. You should add a few pictures. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  16. Hey all its been about 2 months since my update and I am still really enjoying the GS53. I have started to wrangle my swing a little bit and have had some great driving days I have hit some drives in better spots then I have in years. I played 54 holes the other weekend and only had 3 drives that were penalizing. I believe my Fairway percentage was around 65% I had a few absolute bombs. I do believe this is an all around good driver. I haven't hit anything new lately especially with Covid but I am very satisfied with it. I should break my Ping back out and do another side by side test since I have improved my swing. I would love to go through a solid fitting session with this driver to really find out what would be best for me but thats the downside to DTC. I believe someone mentioned Club Champion can fit their irons but not the driver.
  17. I guess i missed this article when it first dropped but listened to the podcast and am curious about this driver. I have been a lifetime slicer and although have reduced it that big bomb left still pokes it head on occasion. I want to hit this and really see how it goes. I know I cut across the ball and when I get a straight one out there think its likely due to hitting the toe and counteracting some of the slice.
  18. This is a great question and I have no idea what it actually would be. I have heard anything from 2 hours to 24 hours and the ball is fine. Vice recommends 12 hrs https://www.vicegolf.com/us/forget_lakeballs#:~:text=After just twelve hours in,to enter into the ball. I tend to only keep the ball that I actually hit in the water if its not it then I leave it there for others.
  19. So I found some basic equations on http://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/211_fall2002.web.dir/Randolph_Bailey/Web Project/Tiger.htm This agrees with everyone who has posted that more mass would in theory generated more ball speed. I noticed with a 5% (10g) increase of a driver weight(200g) at a club head speed of 100mph got about 0.5mph increase. Since Mass is a factor or (Club mass)/(Club mass +Ball Mass) This lead me to look at the impact of speed on this equation. If i use the same 200g driver head and increase the speed by 2%(2mph) this gained 1.8mph. If we decide to decrease weight by the same 5% and increase the speed by 2% this would generate a 0.62mph. I'm not sure what actual speed sure what speed gains could be had form 5% weight reduction but this supports a lot of the club development to go slightly lighter to give people more speed. which is more impactful then weight alone.
  20. I found this site late last night and this is a goldmine of information i was up way too late reading this instead of actual sleep.
  21. I could be mistaken but assuming all other factors equal more mass could in theory transfer more energy into the ball. The key is getting the same speed out of the heavier weight. Thats why clubs tend to be going lighter to help keep speed up. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  22. Haha yes this is a nightmare of variables and minor adjustments. I'm going to try and step in piece by piece and if I get anywhere close to understanding the variations of dimple patterns I will have gotten much further I could imagine. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  23. Alright this is a bit of an odd quest to understand the physics behind the game of golf. As an engineer I wanted started talking through some of the details with a friend and there were so many details that i could explain in a very general standpoint. This made me think of why this would matter and how would this information be useful and that sent me down a rabbit hole of club fitting and club design. I remember hearing things from Adam Young and others about how everything boils down to the conditions at impact (Club Speed, Strike Location, Angle of Attack etc.) So this is kind of where I'm starting and then trying to slowly build onto this information to develop the flight dynamics. Once that end I plan to start driving into the club shapes and technology. I have found a few interesting articles (linked below) but if anyone has more information or ideas to articles or books let me know. This may be completely a fools errand trying to simplify a incredible complex sport into actual mathematical formulas but I hope it helps me get a better understanding of the main variables and an ability to understand how club designs actually function. https://www.golf-simulators.com/physics.htm http://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/211_fall2002.web.dir/Randolph_Bailey/Web Project/index.htm https://www.adamyounggolf.com/the-biggest-cause-of-an-offline-golf-shot/
  24. pozzit

    TXG 100K Giveaway

    I keep checking to see if my name has been added to that. Congrats to all those gentlemen
  25. pozzit

    TXG 100K Giveaway

    They havent announced yet but they have a youtube live his morning where they will be announcing them and the Ben Hogan iron winners
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