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  1. Adam Pennsylvania 9 HC 52 Taylormade Tour Preferred EF smoke 56 Taylormade Tour Preferred EF Smoke 60 Cleveland RTX 2 Black A knock down 56 from 100 yards that hits bounces once and stops with a bit lower trajectory.
  2. Hi Everyone 1. I'm 32 years old hand have been playing golf since I was 8 or 9. Currently a 10.1 trending towards 9. 2. Golf is time with friends. Time spent doing something that I love to do and is freeing and relieves me from what may be hounding my head. 3. I've followed MyGolfSpy for a while, but I've gotten into tinkering/customizing my gear recently and figured it was time to join. Do not know any other members. 4. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and even though I play all over within 2 hours. My home course is probably Lindenwood or Hickory Heights. 5. There is a lot
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