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  1. I'm down in Houston but make semi-frequent trips up to DFW. Would love to play more of the DFW courses with any of you. If any of you make your way down to the Houston area let me know as well.
  2. Hi Dave! I'm down in League City and play regularly. I am a member down at Magnolia Creek and South Shore Harbour but enjoy playing all over the Houston area. (or anywhere else for that matter)
  3. Looking forward to the results on that 5w. I currently have a 2i but have considered a 5w or a more traditional looking hybrid.
  4. Cody W. League City, Texas I am right handed 18° VKTR+ F4 Stiff is primary choice 18° UiHi Stiff is secondary choice 4.5 handicap Currently play the Srixon Z U85 18° Stiff (driving iron) and Cobra S2 3W Stiff I have a Mevo+ for data analysis
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